UPDATE 1st post :: OT: When did you know you were pregnant?

So this morning, right on cue, I woke up with the “Ohhh crap!” feeling and rushed to the bathroom. Lucky I caught it in time, to just see one tiny dot of red in my undies. But sure enough, my period is on time and it is raging.

So it seems the past week could have been an unfortunate combination of horrible PMS and reactions from the ridiculous weather changes we have been having all week. (Seriously, 70F to 39F in ONE day!?) and they were just enough of a combination to make me really truly believe I was in that Delicate Condition.

I told FH this morning when he woke up. At first I didn’t have any reaction to it. Not relief of sadness… Just nothing. But when I told him I realized how much I had come to want this baby…He was surprised himself, and neither one of us is particularly relieved. More disappointed. But at least we don’t have to completely change our lives around right now. And we know now exactly how we feel.

I have been wanting a baby since I can remember, and while he was “born married” and has always wanted that “provincial life” he was sketchy on the thought of a kid so soon. Now we know we both want one. So maybe next year after we are married and move to a bigger place (this place is barely big enough for one person) we will start trying. We definately want to move the baby plans up a bit now. Which I think is great.

Thank you all for being so wonderful! I couldn’t really tell anyone else, without the entire city finding out. So I really appreciate all your advice and well wishes. You never fail to amaze me. This just proves over and over how amazing the women (and men) are on this board!

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Well there seems to be a chance that I am expecting… If I am it is REALLLY early, only a week or 2 in. I am supposed to be getting my period this weekend, it is like clockwork, so if I don’t have any sign of that by Monday I am going to get a test. But so far all the earliest signs are there.

I want to know from experienced mommies tho how they knew (if they knew) before they took a test or missed a period. The lists of symptoms are great and all, but testimonials are more reassuring…

anyways, here goes the waiting game.


I never had any signs other than a missed period. After I found out I was pregnant usually within 2 weeks I would be so sick.

With sons 1 and 2 I sort of knew but wasn’t sure til I missed my period. With son #3 I knew three weeks after conception because I was experiencing acid reflux and that’s the only time I get it, when I’m pregnant.

For me, the early signs were the exact same as PMS so it was difficult. When I went to the doctor for my first pregnancy she asked if I had any symptoms and I said no. Then she started listing them off and I think I had every single one except morning sickness (luckily)- soreness, bloating, tired, cranky, etc.

I always had a “feeling” though. I don’t know how to describe it. Just a feeling that something was up :slight_smile:

I’m not much help. Oh, and early pregnancy tests do give a lot of false negatives so don’t assume anything.


well I have heard that they only give false negatives if you test too early. Most often they usually give false positives, and that is most often because you were pregnant when you took the test, but you had a miscarriage.

Most doctors I hear won’t even talk to you about it until you’ve missed a couple periods because the risk of miscarriage is so high so early.

shrugs* I have heard soooo much information, it’s hard to figure out what’s real. But so far, it still seems like a yes…

so much to worry about…

I was dog sick with my 2nd child. I drove myself to the doctor and told them to do a pregnancy test because I was either pregnant or had the stomach flu. I was pregnant.

I have a friend who got very sick (stomach flu symptoms) about two weeks after her cycle ended. I just knew she was pregnant and bought her a pregnancy test, which turned out negative. I just knew she was pregnant, and two weeks later she did another test. This one came out positive.

Good luck!

Hi - my symptoms were pretty PMS-y too, but my breasts hurt in a different way, not as achy, just more sensitive. I also just had a “something’s weird” feeling, but being pregnant 3 times in a little over 3 years might have made me a little over-anxious! I also had a a few false negative tests, so you might want the multi pack. That waiting game is hard though - hang in there.
If you are pregnant, would this be the first time?

thanks. I haven’t been sick really so far. But feeling queasy mostly and i think twice I almost tossed my cookies all over my FH. :teehee:

FH is still playing the “Everything’s fine…” card. He doesn’t like to react to anything until we have something definate to react to. But I got to h
ave my freak out melt down last night so now I am ok with any prospects and taking care of myself in the chance that I am. (no more caffeine and alcohol till I know… so there go my plans tonight! Oh well.)

This so weird. This is the one thing I want the most and the least in all the world. If I am it is about 5 years earlier than planned… but we will do whatever we can.

Now, I can’t speak from experience, but I can speak as a woman who has worked next to women who’ve gotten pregnant while I was working there. All 3 of the women (they weren’t pregnant at the same time) said that you just have that “feeling” as you said. That you just feel a little different, and that you just somewhat ‘know’.

You could always get a test and take one now, and another in a week or two. Usually there are 2 tests in a box.


yup first time.

Fortunately I am done my schooling and have a stable job, and am getting married. So it’s in the right area just a few years early. As we REALLY wanted to get my student loans out of the way and get a bigger place.

Our jobs are full time and we aren’t going anywhere from them but they aren’t very high earning jobs. We are just above minimum wage (Canadian min wage which is 8 bucks)… so this will definately be tough.

Now, I can’t speak from experience, but I can speak as a woman who has worked next to women who’ve gotten pregnant while I was working there. All 3 of the women (they weren’t pregnant at the same time) said that you just have that “feeling” as you said. That you just feel a little different, and that you just somewhat ‘know’.

You could always get a test and take one now, and another in a week or two. Usually there are 2 tests in a box.


Well I thought of that, but we are broke until payday (I know great way to start family planning eh?) but with my period looming no later than monday I would rather wait. If it isn’t here by Monday then SOMETHING is definately up with my body.

with each of my pregnancies, DH knew before I did. He’d say something like “you are SOOOOO pregnant”, and a few days to a week later I’d have symptoms like EXTREME PMS and test positive a day or 2 later.

The first time around, I was so afraid I wasn’t pregnant that I waited until 18 DPO to test. I had pretty irregular periods.

The second time around, I knew more what to expect - I was dizzy, tired, nauseous, and my areolas were much darker.

I didn’t get dog sick until after I knew I was pg, but it sure hit me hard!

By the way, I tested positive before I missed a period with my second daughter! :heart:

I honestly don’t think we’re ever “ready” for children. I married when I was 19. We planned our children and had our first when I was almost 22. We sure couldn’t afford it, though. I was going to college at night (and quit after getting pregnant only now returning to school). Dh didn’t have a great-paying job but was working his way up and going to school at night. I worked full-time. We barely made ends meet. We had lots of hand-me-downs from friends and the in-laws helped a ton.

But it winds up working out. You’ll be fine. Even if you have to eat Ramen Noodles for the next few years. :teehee:

Ok, well now you guys have me freaked out. I’ve been really queasy, dizzy, and tired for over a week. One of my friends told me to take a test, which came out negative…which seems to not mean much?? That was on Tuesday. My period is still a couple weeks off, and I did have one last month, but it was really light.

I’m in the same boat, married, but we weren’t planning on children for another couple of years…hmmm…any opinions?? :pout:

with my first, I didn’t know until I realised I was 6 weeks late!! I was never into keeping track of things! I was kind of thinking I might be then the next day I started feeling sick - the day after I got a test …

The second … I knew before conception!! It wasn’t planned and at the time I was thinking ‘not sure we should be doing this at this time of the month’ then I had the implantation bleeding (1 day) when the egg implants and then I was late and my boobs were very tender … I was on holiday in Greece with my girlfriends and had to take a pregnancy test that had Greek instructions on it … I had to assume that a pink dot meant I was pregnant!!! I told my husband when I got back from hols. :teehee:

Neither of mine were planned but they are the best surprises I ever had :happydance:

If “something” doesn’t happen in the next week, try another test. Eat healthy in the meantime. :wink:

Same here. We were hoping another 5 years before trying. If your period is still a few weeks off that could be why you tested negative. Most can only get a positive result at 5 days before a missed period… and even then it depends on how your horomones are leveling out.

If you keep feeling like this, definately retest in a few weeks. But again alot of these can be symptoms of other things too. That’s why it can be soooo frustrating.

Well On tuesday I had bleeding for only a day, light and different. And I NEVER bleed between periods. And then all thise quesyness and constipation and acheyness, mood swings, headaches, and cramps. Most other symptoms don’t seem to pop up till after a missed period. so I still gotta wait. I have very light nipples so colour change would be obvious. but so far, i SWEAR they are growing more of those little bumps. I only had 4 on one and Now i SWEAR up and down that there is a whole ring around the edge now. FH thinks I am nuts.

I think I’m right.


I know, I am scared but excited. And I know SOOOO many women have done this, younger than me and without any help. It’ll be hard, but I have more resources than alot of mothers have had. Thank you for all kind wishes!!

:heart: :heart:

If you are, What a blessing!!!

I can only wish.

If you’re not, then maybe its just a warning. SOmething like “Heads up! Be prepared!”

Either way its very cool! :hug:

Krystal best of luck to you! And thank you for your advice. Same as Krystal I will not be having any “beverages” until I’m sure, and they just don’t help the dizziness! :teehee:
If I’m still having these symptoms next week I’m calling the Dr.

Sorry to hijack your thread!!