Upcoming Site

Hopefully by next summer (praying it’s sooner), I will release mustkeepknitting.com to the internet. So far I know that it will feature patterns and dyed yarns…hoepfully later my own handspun yarn. I will also offer knitting needles…and some stuff that has nothing to do with knitting, but with other crafts (crochet!). I really wanted input from you guys before I venture into this:

  1. What kind of patterns are you interested in most?
  2. Would you want your pattern links on my site?
  3. How much are you willing to spend on a pattern?
  4. How much are you willing to spend on yarn?
  5. What about knitting needles & accessories?
    6… Just any general advice you have about websites/businesses.

I would recommend a majority of free patterns with a few for sale. This will get people to your site initially and they’ll be able to view your yarn and accessories in the process. As for prices - that’s harder. Take a look around at others out there and you should be able to get a good ballpark. Etsy.com is a great resource for handmade yarn and other items.

Good luck!

I would definately get design submissions from some of your friends (hey, like here at KH). They could e-mail you with their design and you could check through it, etc. It would be a page like Knitty.

As for yarn prices, check around other sites, and base your prices on those, same for needles. Are you making your own knitting needles or ordering wholesale from a manufacturer?

As for myself I’m willing to spend anything for a good needle, anything for a good yarn, and up to $5 for a pattern, but that’s just me :teehee:

Right now, just making my own. Everything will be handmade pretty much…except the yarn…it’s just dyed by me.