Unwrap those twists!

I knit on circular needles. If the pattern actually requires the round, it always twists and gets hard to unwrap.

How can I prevent this so I can eventually try (again) to do some fair isle knitting?

Thanks :think:

What’s twisting, the cords or the stitches?

I’m still new, but here are two things I’ve learned about knitting on circulars.

First, make sure your stitches aren’t twisted when you start. Cast on, and then make sure they’re all lined up the same way. The video on this site is good to show that.

And then as you knit, you’ll need to keep sort of readjusting your stitches (spreading them out as they bunch up on the right needle, so you can continue to get to them on the left needle). Just be sure as you pull those on around that you’re not twisting as you go.

I don’t have any particular suggestions if it’s the cords twisting, except just being careful to have them straight when you start out.

here is an example of a previous project that I tried to do:



Looks to me like the second picture shows what happens when you twist the stitches at joining. I’m not sure, though.

If twisting the stitches is your problem, Here’s a little hint that several members of this forum have suggested: When you start a project in the round, do a few rows back and forth before you join the two sides into a round. This gives you a clear idea of how the stitches lie and makes it less likely to twist. Then when you’re done, you can sew up those few rows.

I use hair clips to keep the stitches straight for that painful first row. And I keep checking very 10 stitches or so to be sure all is straight.

I think knitting a few rows flat is probably the best way to handle it if you are having problems. Bill gave a good explanation.