Unwinding sucks

So, as everyone knows I’m attempting a hat, after many rows of TRYING to do the ribbing, K2 P2, and making a complete mess. I of course realised what had to be done. It had to be unwound, I of course was not happy but figured well thats part of knitting especially knitting in the round. So after unwinding I started again, deciding to skip the ribbing and just knit hat without it knitting every row after the knit purl rows. Then another mistake, I cast on making sure not to twist stiches. On row one or two I must have dozed off knitting in hand and kid in lap upon waking I realized there was yet another mistake a twist or a skiped stich so after a deep breath and a “oh what the heck” I unwound for the second time. So now I’m starting again tonight. Hopefully this time I won’t mess it up. I’d really like this hat for spring/summer I’ve even put off my x-mas gifts and baby knitting for this stupid hat lol. I’ll include the link.


Does anyone else hate having to unwind a work in progress even when its only like 10 rows (long rows though)? I guess these are common problems in beginer knitting in the round?

I’ve been knitting for alot of years & still make mistakes. I just consider ripping it out & reworking it as part of the process. I try to remind myself that I do learn from my mistakes. Although, I’d prefer to not to make them.

I cut myself more slack whenever I start some technique I’ve never tried before. My first double knit project was ripped out countless times before I got the hang of it.

Unwinding is called “frogging” because you are ripping it…like frogs say ribbit. :teehee:

We all frog our knits. I did it twice to a dishcloth tonight. You just do what you have to and move on just like you did with the hat. If it starts to get to you just put it down for awhile and knit something else or go read a book. Sometimes the break makes a big difference. :thumbsup:

It just comes with the territory. I’m making a circular vest (based on this pattern) and when I got to the end, found I needed way more sts bound off for the armholes. So it was back to that point, then a few rows further, because it needed to be just a bit smaller across the back. I’m on the last couple rows now and I think this one’s going to work.

If you’re having trouble with mistakes, please stop after each row and check your work! That way you only have to rip out one row instead of several. It’s so discouraging to have to rip out hard won work so just take a moment to check yourself. I recently saw a cool video on “un-knitting” which is better than taking out the needles and then hoping you re-capture all the stitches correctly. Try this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-eZcYBndwg There are others you can find by just putting in “unknitting” in the search engine.

I don’t consider it a project unless I’ve ripped out rows at least three times.


Even if you check your work constantly after every row you could end up with a situation like Sue and have no choice but to rip back. Especially if you ‘like’ a pattern but you think you have a better idea of how to do it… you just have to play around sometimes :o) … I’m notorious for changing patterns mid-knit and not documenting the changes… which can get really frustrating ;o)

lol, yeah thats what I ended up doing instead of the ribbing which eventually I’ll learn how to do I skipped it and have just been knitting every row I think inside out but whatever its my first hat lol. and thus far I like it so however I’m about 2 inches from starting the decreases as long as my yarn holds out. lol I’ll probably pick up more yarn tomorrow. I hope

I’m going to try and knit one of theses up for my son, its easyer without the ribbing for me, and thus far seems pretty straight forword without that ribbing mess. lol I’ll learn ribbing one of theses days.:knitting: