Unwanted wool.

What’s the best way you’ve found to ‘pass on ‘ unwanted wool. By that I mean, I bought enough for a project, started it, but knew that I just didn’t like it enough to continue.
I don’t have space for normal projects, let alone ones I won’t do!

I sell some of mine on eBay, even packs of oddments often get buyers! If I’m looking to just get rid then it goes to charity shop.


I used up yarn making baby cardigan, dress, hat to donate to a collection point for refugees.


I have donated yarn to senior centers or assisted living places.

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(Cue up emotional music)
“In the arms of a stranger…”

I am here to tell you about the heart breaking story of unwanted wool abandoned along motorways and country lanes. But there is now hope for these forgotten, emotional support fibers (ESF).

There are online group such as KnittingHelp and Ravelry where you can list ESF for adoption (sell or exchange).

:grinning: I hope we all have a happy day.