Unsure what knitting directions mean.


Hey, everyone!

I’ve just encountered a new pattern direction I’ve never seen before, and Google is no help at all. I’m working on socks, so it’s knitting in the round using dpns (though, that may not really matter). There is a particular section saying the following:
Purl 5 Rounds. (I understand this.)
Then: “*P3, drop next st off needle and unravel down 5 rows, purl together unraveled st and the 5 unraveled strands; repeat from *”

What exactly am I purling together? Do I pick up the stitch I unraveled and bring it back up and, essentially, purl 3 together? I’m really confused.

Thanks in advance!


Welcome to KH!
What is the name of your pattern?
Sounds similar to the Bubble Stitch but worked as purl sts:


The whole pattern is called “Sweet Nothings” socks, but the repeat I’m stuck on is called a honeycomb pattern. That link above looks very similar!


So, after watching this video, do you think my pattern is asking me to purl up all 5 “ladders” after unraveling, then carrying on with the purl?


It’s not so much purling up as in working up a ladder for a dropped stitch as gathering the ladder strands and at the same time working a purl into the dropped stitch now sitting in row 6. You’re essentially purling that stitch but with the 5 ladders caught into the purl stitch.

That’s really the lacy look I was expecting from the description. Very delicate and pretty.


Ugh, thank you! This is my first time seeing anything like that, and I was just so out of my element! (Wanted to try something new.) This has been very helpful. :slight_smile: I’ll let you know how it turns out!