Unsolicited phone calls from companies that think you requested info

Okay, has this happened to anyone before?

Within the past 3 days I’ve received several phone calls from companies who think that I contacted them online first. (a pest control company, someone promoting vacation packages, a lawn care company, and another I don’t remember because I wasn’t keeping track yet)

They have my first and last name, my address, my phone number, and in one case an email address that isn’t mine. They all call because I supposedly requested information online. I have to say it’s getting a little weird.

So I checked all three credit reports today. All fine. Checked credit card activity. Nothing there that shouldn’t be.

I’m really starting to wonder what gives. :shrug: Who’s out there requesting information on my behalf?

It’s just “phone spam” and a way to make the call sound legitimate when it’s not. Most likely they were sold a list of numbers and use that line for everyone. Ugh. :doh:

In some states telemarketers are now allowed to call cell phones. I know I’ve had a few of those and it really bothers me because they’re using up my minutes!! I’ve also gotten messages saying that I won a raffle I entered online and to claim my new car I should call X number. I’m sure those are one of those scams where you call the number and get charged an insane amount of money.

I’ve gotten two phone calls that sounded like scams recently too. Maybe they’re just trying harder these days! :frowning:

Telemarketing companies have a limitless pit of lines that they will give you in order to convince you to purchase their goods.

I don’t answer the phone if I don’t recognize the number and especially if it comes up as unknown name, unknown number. They can leave a message.

Don’t forget, you can also sign up to be on the do no call list, which prohibits telemarketers to use the numbers on the list. http://www.donotcall.gov

I’ve had a couple of calls like that on my cell, First thing I did was get their mailing address, and asked them if they were willing to pay my cell bill. Most said no, so I asked them that since that was the answer, never to call my cell again, unless of course they wanted me to send them the bill.

Well first of all make sure you are registerd on the national do not call list. Then if you get calls be as terrible as my husband—I feel sorry for the solicitors at times when my husband answers. He doesn’t just say good by no thank you or even just hangs up on them. He sounds angry and it goes something like this:
After the opening speil he says "do you maintain a do not call list?"
They usually have a reason they are exempt-like supposedly they aren’t selling anything.
Then he asks for the exact company name, the callers name. He writes it all down. He begins to explain why they should create such a list and why our number should be on it. He totally takes the ball our of their court and takes control of the conversation. They start talking away about what ever they are supposed to do. So he asks for the supervisor. And usually he gets someone at least claiming to be a supervisor on the phone. He gets their name.
He insists they never call again. He says he will sue if they do.
Recently he had a call that he was so adamant about that I wish I could have had it on film. It wound up something like this:
"So, Mark, do we have an understanding? You won’t call me. If I don’t call you, you won’t call me. Okay? I think that’s fair."
He leaves these folks speechless, the same people never call back. Unfortunately he spends at least 10 minutes on the phone with them. I think that we don’t get calls back because he’s just to difficult to deal with.

The biggest thing that is bugging me now is the recorded calls! You can’t even yell at them! :hair::hair::hair::hair:

It almost sounds like they’re either trying to scam you or trying to get around the do not call list and trying to cover their butts from getting into trouble.

If you are on the do not call list, and they call you without an established relationship, you can go to small claims court - they owe you at least $500 per call. Even if you have an established relationship, but they call after you’ve told them to stop, they are still in violation of the law.

Remind them of that and they’ usually stop calling pretty quickly.


The thing that has surprised me the most about these specific calls in the last few days is that they all really think that I have requested info from them online and that I was waiting for their call (…or they are all just giving me the same line). But four calls out of the blue within days of each other, all having the same info and using the same line? :??

We are on the do-not-call list. So we don’t receive very many of these calls in the first place. We are also an unlisted number. So while I would prefer to think that they all just happened to call within days of each other using the same basic dialogue, the paranoid watch-out-for-identity-theft part of me wonders if there is more going on than meets the eye. Hence, I checked my credit report and activity on my credit cards.

We had a run of prison callers, yes prison callers here a few years ago. They would get their call time and go hit the prison pay phone with a recording device that said press some number to hear the recording, your loved one has been arrested and needs your help. When you did, it would send their bill for a long distance call to your phone.

I’ve had them, too. they are not unique in any way, just annoying!

That is very weird, Lisa Kay. But with them all clustered together like that I’d say either someone is mad at you and decided to get back by putting your name down on a bunch of online forms, or it’s a big fat scam.

The phone calls I got were recordings on my answering machine asking me to call a certain number. When I called, they told me it was for a late payment and in order to find it they would need my Social Security number. : alarm bells going off loudly: I told them I didn’t give that information out and could they look it up another way and they said no. I said goodbye and figured as far as I knew all the bills were paid and if it were serious they’d write me a letter! Never heard back.

We no longer answer our home phone at all. The only reason we have it is for our satellite. Important calls come on the cell phones. In fact, the ringer is turned off on the home phone, and the greeting on the answering machine is something to the effect of:

“This line is used for screening calls, it is never answered. Please leave a message. If you are not willing to leave a message, please do not call this number again.”

I guess it’s kind of rude, but it gets the message across. Most people who are legitimate callers get a kick out of it.

What really ticks me off is collection agencys asking for someone who does not live at my house, nor do I even know them. I’ve had my same phone number for 2 years. If I tell these people that they have the wrong number, they still keep calling back. I’m so tired of it. Collection agencys are exempt from the do not call list, because they technically have a “business relationship” with someone at that number. But that’s not the case here as they keep asking for one of three different names, who are people we do not know. Then I had one argue with me about whether it was a wrong number.:mad:


[B][I][COLOR=magenta]when this happens to me 1st I ask for all their info and tell them I am forwarding all the info to the CA attorney Generals Office as I am on the do not call list then if I see their number again I let my fax do the answering and you get removed pretty quick[/COLOR][/I][/B]

I am also VERY mean to these people
but I start the conversation with "Oh HI, just a second, let me find a pen, pencil, etc. I rustle around for a few min, not finding anything and blaming the "children"
during this time I ask for a name I can call them
when they try to kick into the spiel I tell them I will just NEVER get it right if I cannot write it down
once i have heard the company name a couple times, and a name for the person I M talking to at least once
I listen for about 40 seconds then start asking where they got my name and or number
then i rebut them about no, that is not from me, etc
eventually I ask for a mailing address:cool:
when i get to their high point I ask them how come they do not have to honor the Do Not Call List, then they tell me this or that, and I remind them that the Fine for the second call to an unsolicited Number increases from $500 and the company has the right to tack it to THEIR paycheck since I had already brought it up in the conversation, and I had a name (and usually a Employee Number, because I like giving feedback on employee performance:teehee:)
finally about the time they are starting to freak out I try to giggle and tell them how much I LOVE when someone screws up like this, and how I was given a checklist by my lawyer of things I need to get in each call that is being recorded
all of this with a ‘sweet as honeyed fruit’ voice

The callers FREAK OUT:woot:
I have only made it through the scenario a couple times from start to finish, but its SO much fun when I do, but I think I have done good in this world if the person Quits the next day and gets an honest job

Maybe my 15yo is right, maybe, just MAYBE I am a B!tc#
but I am a good one, not a bad one:wink:

Nice, ebo! I like your style. I used to get all sorts of calls and I usually cleared the line by messing with the callers’ heads. My favourite tactic was to spew out names of vegetables in response to their schpiel. That was my entire conversation - just veggies…“Tomato? Ah, green beans! Okra, corn cucumbers rutabaga. Zucchini broccoli?” The caller usually hung up after about 30 seconds of this. So, my day was brightened at someone else’s expense. They’re the ones who interrupted my day so I never felt bad about screwing with them.

Ugg…I work in a call center…(I’ve moved from outbound calls to inbound calls)
we don’t sell anything
we really ARE research
when the words are used…kindly, or rudely “take me off your call list”, we MUST abide by those rules. The result is the same. We remove you.

Please remember that we do have jobs to do too.