Unripened tomato

Finally finished my Tomato. I used Cotton Ease in the colour almond and white for the fair isle. I am very happy with it and it fits really nice too.
You can see it here


Wow, that’s really good! I love the shade that you used - I think the color and pattern go nicely with each other. I’m so impressed :thumbsup:

Very pretty! I like the way you raised the neckline and extended the ribbing – I like a lot of ribbing. Pretty color, too. I’ll bet it looks great on you!

Lovely job… I feel it feels wonderful on… :slight_smile: however, the name mystifies me!

I called it the unripened tomato because of the colour. A tomato is usually a light colour before it turns red :slight_smile:

Ahh… ok :slight_smile:

It looks great!!

Tomato, to"mah"to, unripened or ripened, it looks great!

Great job. Not what I was expecting for a tomato. :slight_smile:

Looks really great :cheering:

Very, very nice!

i think that’s my favorite tomato! i want to see it on you. :slight_smile:

OMG thats beautiful!!! I love the colors!!!