Unrelated, but just disturbing


—>I just don’t know what to say.

:verysad: :verysad: :verysad:

I looked for myself and i was “last reported” on February 2002… uhhh who the heck is looking for me??? My husband was last reported in 2001. Freaky. I don’t like this.

Is this FUBAR are what?? The really foul thing is that there’s nothing you can do about; all the information is polled from public record! So there’s no “unsubcribe”/“do not call”/“opt-out” button. :verysad:

I don’t like this either!

:evil: :evil: :evil:
:wall: :wall: :wall:
:verysad: :verysad: :verysad:

Yeah, this is really disturbing. Say’s I was “last reported” last September. Very strange…creepy…ARGH @ “public record”. Screw that.

i’m moving to canada. beldie, clear a room for me, my kitties, and my yarn. (and maybe dh)

Only if you agree to do dishes and the dusting. Those house chores feel like such a waste of time to me. You’re pushing it with the cats though missy and you know it!

Yah - This is just frightfull! :help:

Mmm, a little warning before putting something like that on a link, if you please. I don’t want organizations such as those “cookying” me. And no way on you-know-who’s green earth will you catch me putting my own name in for them.

“cookying” :??

You can control your cookies. There are first party cookies and third party cookies. I have my comp to allow first party, but prompt me about third party. You can then disallow for one time use or disallow permanently. You can also allow, which I’ve had to do on occasion to get into a site. After I’m done the site, I always find the cookie and delete it though.

To change it, go to Tools, Internet Options, Privacy, and then Advanced.

To find your cookies that you have now (and delete them if you want), go to Tools, Internet Options, then look in Temporary Internet Files section. You have a few options there.

Hope that helps.

Oh … “cookies”!!! :figureditout: I understand now. The " Y " threw me for a loop. Yes, you can control who can set cookies and you can remove unwanted ones; it’s easy enough. I make it a habit of deleting all cookies on a regular basis.

I’m prompted on all cookies and DH and I go through and delete on the 1st of each month (makes it easy to remember to do it).

I thought “cookiing” would make less sense. I have the controls set unless DH or DD does something “temporary” then doesn’t reset. I’m a little, okay a lot, paranoid about these private security places. Creepy…

i should delete my cokies more often, esp on my laptop. the main comp i sue though when im at “home” seems to be hopelessly infected with s*** no matter what i put in place since my younger brother downloads stuff on it, even though he has his on comp. bla.

(and i dont show up on the site! so there.)

Wow! It showed me as last reported on 4/6/05. I’M not sure what I was doing. :?? How does someone else know?

maybe its me… but i have NO CLUE what your all are talking about… it takes me to a people search site… where does it take u? :?? :?? :??

Everyone’s yucked out by the fact that people are basically spying on us.

I really don’t see the huge deal. You could always do these type of searches, you just had to go through an agency or know someone in law enforcement who could hook you up. Now you can DIY, and it still costs. If it were free and anyone could know everything that would kind of freak me out, but as a pay service it is no different than what has been out there for a long time.

I think I may actually use this when we search for a babysitter, little league coaches, etc.

Hmmm, that doesn’t bother me for some reason. Kind of like a big phone book. My only complaint is you have to pay to see the results! :lol:

My biggest pet peeve & paranoia in the computer world is Spyware! Info here. Prevention: use Firefox (free here) instead of Internet Explorer! 2/3 of computers out there are estimated to be infected with Spyware from Internet Explorer’s poor ability to block it. Spyware will hog your computer’s resources and slow even the newest computer to a CRAWL! (Is your new computer acting slow? That’s probably why!) And it can be very difficult to get rid of. It’s not officially a virus, but it might as well be, it’s on par with many viruses!

I use Firefox & love it. It’s just like IE, but I don’t get pop-up ads AT ALL, and it has some great features that IE doesn’t. My favorite one (other than it’s excellent pop-up window blocker) is their “Tab” feature. If you press Ctrl. T, it opens up a new “tab,” instead of a new browser window, so you can have lots of websites open in the same window & view them one at a time, by clicking on their folder tabs. Keeps your computer neat, saves reasources so your computer is faster, and is also super handy for bookmarking all the tabbed sites into the same folder for easy reference next time you turn on your computer. Great program!

Cookies get a bad rap. All they do is put an ID number on your computer so their own computer can recognize you again and associate you with your last visit, shopping cart, etc., stuff that they remember on their computers. I love cookies, because they save me from having to log onto familiar sites, re-enter my address at places, and remember impromptu shopping cart entries from sites that I’ve never registered at. You can read thisquick Q&A article for more info if you want to know more, but really, they’re harmless.

Okay, I’ve geeked out on y’all enough. That’s what happens when you marry a Web Designer/ Computer fanatic.


We have SBC for our broadband. And even the disc they sent you has spyware on it!!! Luckily, we have worked it out so you dont have to use the crap they send you.