Unravelling Yarn

Newbie knitter here and am having a great time with it, except that the working yarn keeps twisting up on me. Do you have any suggestions to prevent this or fix it? I am afraid to unravel by holding the ball of yarn above the needles as I fear it will undo all my work.


Thank you.

As long as you push your sts back away from the needle tips, you can let it dangle and twist the other way. It can happen sometimes from the motion you use to wrap the yarn around the needle, or if you always turn your work at the end of the row in the same direction. Loosen up your grip on the yarn a little and alternate the direction you turn your knitting.

For the yarn twisting up on you, I would alternate between turning the work.If you’re working on straight needles, I would rotate in different directions when turning the work instead of constantly rotating it clockwise or counter clockwise so that it will cancel it out.

I usually wind my yarn into a ball instead of the general skein form it comes in so that it can roll around on the floor.Usually when I need more yarn and I tug at it, the ball rolls in a way that it will not twist it up.

If you’re scared of undoing your work, they do sell little end protectors that you can put on your needles for storing and moving your work.If I’m working with DPNs,I usually just push all the stitches to the middle of the needles, pinch them in tight and wind the working end of the yarn around the work, right under the needles to keep the stitches from just sliding out.I do this instead of buying point protectors :slight_smile: