Unraveling stitches to make a face opening in ski mask

:XX: HELP! I am making a ski mask worked in the round. It is a very simple hat pattern BUT instead of making hole while knitting, you do this - on round 61 knit 36 stitches w/contrast yarn. Slip those 36 stitches back on left needle and knit remaining rounds of hat w/ regular yarn. Then you come back later and remove contrast yarn,put those stitches on needle and do single crochet for 2 rows and your done. Well, I DON’T Know if you just put live stitches (bottom row) on needle or both top(they aren’t really live stitches) and bottom rows of stitches of the opening. The pattern says this is Elizabeth Zimmerman’s technique of unraveling stitches. Can someone just make this a little easier for me to understand. The pattern is from the book Handknit Homespun - the balaclava pattern. Thanks a million. Kristi

Do you crochet all the stitches all the way around–make a circle using the stitches that were on top of and on the bottom of the contrast yarn? I’ll check my EZ books and see if I can find anything on this.

You could also try sending an email to www.schoolhousepress.com and ask them. I don’t know if they answer this type of question, but it is run by EZ’s daughter Meg Swansen, and my dealings with them have been very positive.

:doh: Another one of those “self explanatory” Elizabeth Zimmermann techniques.

I’m sure it made perfect sense to her!! You know, like her quick and easy edgings! :wink:

:happydance: THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE for the help and references. I am going to email the schoolhouse press and I will post the answer ASAP so we will all be enlightened! Thanks again, I just love having you all to refer to for help. Why didn’t I join this a long time ago???