Unraveling. re-using yarn

I am very new knitter- just a few weeks. I made a small sample as I was learning that I want to take apart and use on the scarf I am making now. I have unravleded it but its all kinky- how do I smooth it out, or can I knit with it as is?
:thinking: Thanks

eh i just knit it as it is, but if it really bothers you, you can carefully drape it over a hanger and steam it in your shower to relax it. i have never had trouble just reknitting it though.

yeah I’d just knt with it too. If you had yarn that has been knit up for lets say a few months or a year or something then I would wash it and hang it on a coathanger (with something pulling on the bottom)

It’s going to get all kinky again so I’d just knit with it as is. When you hold the working yarn it’ll sorta be straightened out with the tension so it shouldn’t be a problem.

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Thanks for the tips- :smiley: I just went ahead and used it as is and it seems to be working fine. Now, where I worked it ito the old yarn, thats another story, but aw welll… :rollseyes: