Unraveling help

Hi everyone! I started a hat for my friend’s son, whose head grew before I finished it. (he’s had surgery on his skull, so that’s not unusual.). However, I need to rip back since I was almost done.

I know how to use another cable needle to stop where I need to restart, but I need to know how to treat the yarn that has memory for those stitches. Do I have to wash it or can I just re-ball it with my winder? I have no idea how to wash yarn and that scares me. If that’s needed I’ll just buy another skein since I only need one.

Thank you!

I would just unwind it and wind it back as you go. Then reknit it to the correct size. I usually use a wool blend type yarn and haven’t had any problems. What type of yarn is it?

I do the same with wool and haven’t had a problem. As long as the hat hasn’t been sitting around for ages you should be just fine.

Thanks! It is a wool and cotton blend (Spud and Chloe Sweater yarn.) I am making the ROAR hat by Kate Oates. I’ve made it before using the same yarn, so I had the correct gauge, but I need to adjust the pattern since his head grew. (This is the main reason my friend asked me to make the hat for him to begin with.)

Thank you!