Unmotivated to finish sock

I did my first sock ever, it had a lot of holes. now my second sock is about half finished and I am unmotivated to finish it! I need the needles to make a pair of socks for my brother for Christmas (the whole reason I learned how to do socks in the first place) and yet I find myself picking up other projects and working on them instead of finishing this sock so I can start his socks.

How do you get motivated to finish the second sock?? HELP!

While I can’t give you any advice, I do know how you feel. I made my first sock, and it came out rather well, but I have yet to get motivated to even start the second sock. Probably won’t change any time soon either. Good luck - I hope you find the motivation you need!

I don’t know, but if you find out let us know. The term for that is called “second sock syndrome” and the knitting world like to know the answer. :lol:

I like to knit socks on DPN’s. I have two sets of each of the sizes I use to knit socks. I knit both socks … at the same time … on different sets of needles. This helps me get them both done at the same time AND it is easier to get the measurements exactly the same using rows rather than inches. I know that if I knit one sock , I won’t knit the second one … because I already know what it is going to look like … especially with self striping yarn :slight_smile:

I have the opposite problem - I hate doing the first sock!!! But once it is done I know exactly how to do the second because I’ve counted and marked the rows while knitting the first. Doing the second I know where I am at every row and it’s easy for me to continue. The second sock always goes quicker for me!!!

I have the same problem. I just bought Melissa Morgan-Oakes book 2-at-a-time-socks.

Maybe these socks have served their purpose. You could take the 2nd sock off the needles ,save it on some scrap yarn and use those needles to make your brother’s socks.

I get frustrated because the socks always end up being too short no matter how carefully I measure my foot. I had that same problem with baby socks that were supposed to fit but didn’t. Everybody’s feet are different. It’s hard to get the exact size if you don’t know the gift recipient’s shoe size. My answer was to simplify things. I knit tube socks toe up. It’s mindless knitting without counting that I can do while watching tv.

I gave up on socks altogether. I finished one pair and was totally unmotivated to ever try them again.

I have seen some beautiful sock FOs here but socks are not for me and that’s OK, too.


I hear you. I knit socks for everybody else but not for me. Although, I do have one pair for myself that I adore. They’re slipper socks for running around the house. I traced around the bottom of my foot on a piece of paper and used that as a pattern. I cut out soles for the socks out of an old, thin, leather-like jacket that somebody had discarded. I sewed these onto the bottom of the socks with sewing thread. These are great for letting out the dog or getting the mail. I can step out onto the porch when it’s raining or snowing and not get my feet wet.

It grips really well on vinyl and wood flooring. It would probably be good for socks for children or the elderly. You can also go to a fabric store and get material that is coated with rubber bumps on it, like on the bottoms of children’s one-piece sleepers. When my children were little, I would remove the holey bottoms from the soles of their sleepers with a seam ripper. I would use the old soles as a pattern, cut new ones out of the fabric, and sew them on. This extended the life of the sleepers so they could wear them longer.

Your post really got me thinking about that lonely sock of mine, so I was considering trying to make its match, but then I realized I used two different tutorials, and guesstimated on what I was doing, and didn’t take notes. There is no way I’ll be able to make another one the same size, considering it didn’t even fit, so my actual size won’t help. I feel like a totally wasted yarn now, and I absolutely despise when I waste unnecessarily. I’m not the type of person to be able to wear socks that aren’t the same size. Just the idea of it irritates me.

Anyway, the reason I was posting again, was to say I hope you followed a pattern, and have specifics so you don’t walk away only to return later and feel hopeless like I do right now. Finish that second sock already! :slight_smile:

I think I might try to learn two at a time on circs - that’ll solve the second sock syndrome. Maybe.

That is so sad, having a hopeless orphan sock hanging around. Maybe you could frog it and use it to start a new light weight shawl!
I did indeed use just one tutorial for the first sock, but I did not keep track of how many rows I did just measurements.
I hate to waste yarn also, mostly because I do not have a lot of cash to buy yarn yet.
I am planning on doing my brothers socks both at the same time but on 2 different sets of needles, hopefully I can get them both finished by christmas that way.

lol poor lonely socks! Good luck with your brother’s socks.

OK…possible uses for a permanently solo sock:

Thistle-seed finch bird feeder
Desperation crochet hook holder (from maybe F/5 size on up)
Transport fruit in lunch bag
Insulated container for frozen water bottle (kind of like a “cozy”)


Knit what you like! You tried socks and don’t care for them…
I love them but can’t stand to knit baby blankets! So I don’t :thumbsup:

Clothes pin holder… Slide a bit of metal wire to hang it from the clothesline and you can slide your pins with you.

I usually knit two at a time on two circulars but I love sock knitting quite a bit so I’m always happy to cast on the second sock when doing one at a time. The only exception is if I’m not liking the pattern or yarn. So my answer is to do two at a time if you have problems with the second sock. There is nothing wrong with a pair of socks never being finished though. Knit what thrills you :slight_smile:

I’m still figuring out how to get motivated to start my FIRST SOCK ever! You are waaaay ahead of me! At least you’re trying! Keep at it! The first time we knit anything new, it’s gonna be a learning curve!

I am pretty sure that when i finish my brother’s socks I will not make socks again. I don’t lke this having to do the exact same thing with the exact same yarn again to make that second sock. I am going to try doing them at the same time, I think on the same circular needle I know Silver’s sock class has a tutorial about how to do that so that I can finish them and be done.