Unlucky knitting

Oh well, what can you do. My work is already not going well as it is, now it seems my knitting goes wrong as well. I have to frog a tank top I started because it is WAY too small. I DID knit a swatch, and did some calculations… it seems something went wrong 'cause it doesn’t work at all. And of course I don’t know if I have enough yarn to do a larger version. :doh:

And it’s not all. I also started knitting my first sock. It’s coming along… but the ankle is WAY too big. I’m thinking of finishing it anyways and see if blocking will help (it’s 75% wool though, not 100%… will it shrink?). OR I knit the foot longer for my boyfriend? I don’t know yet. :thinking:

ANYWAYS I thought I’d share that with you. I’m not too depressed, I guess it’s normal to rip stuff out and start over. But I have so little time to knit, it’s hard not seeing any improvement after weeks of work. :frowning:

I’ve been knitting forever, and this morning spent time frogging an entire sweater because the sleeves were too big and there was a line of errors across the front. I’ve had to tear out sweaters that I made too small, or too big. It happens to everyone. Hang in there.

I feel your pain…both of you…as Ingrid said…happens to all of us :wink:
I’m pretty sure that your sock won’t shrink…if it fits your boyfriend…go for it…or, you may just have to frog, but, don’t let it get you down :wink:


Ok, this does make me feel better - if Ingrid makes booboos then I can make booboos too!

I read somewhere not too long ago (maybe it was here, but I think it was a random knitting blog I stumbled across somewhere else) that the difference between an experienced knitter and a novice is that the novice will continue and finish a project even with flaws, while the experienced knitter will just grit her (or his) teeth and frog it. To which I figured, “Wow… The experience I must be racking up!”

Since then, I’ve tried to look at frogging things as a sign of accomplishment… I must not be a total n00b because I’m not too proud to tear it all out if it’s just not right. :roflhard:

I must be verrrry experienced if froggin’ counts! I’ve been trying to get the gauge right for some baby socks and have knit one too too big and loose and one too tight and stiff, and finally I think have found some needles that might make this light worsted work. I’m stubbornly going to get this right! :wink: I also have the entire back of a sweater made from the dreaded homespun, and I think I will frog that as I know I will never ever finish that sweater, even though it was for ME and the colours are so beautiful. It’s better to frog stuff, I figure, and end up with something I can like and use, than to have a pile of unfinished stuff hanging around. The WIPs are enough hanging around here! samm


Ok, this does make me feel better - if Ingrid makes booboos then I can make booboos too![/quote]

I hope Ingrid doesn’t take offense to this - what I mean is that you are such a great knitter - your work is truly amazing - and sometimes being a newby I feel like such a dork - it makes me feel better that even the experts have problems at times too! Sending smooches to Ingrid!

Oh, please, no offense was taken at all! I’ve never had a perfect project, and I frequently have to restart, so the truth is the truth. I’m glad to point out my imperfections so nobody thinks that if they make a mistake it’s a big deal.

I always tell dh if I could knit just 1 thing and not have to frog it all/go back a few rows… I’d be happy… :rollseyes: