Unicorn cardigan pattern

strong textthis the pattern of the left side of cardigan I can’t get it work I much be doing something wrong it the band I can’t work out any one can hep me I be so grateful

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Is the lace not adding up to the correct stitch number? Are you over or under or is it something else?

The stitches are not adding up I always have stitches left

Ok, one more request. Can you post a photo of the entire chart? The one above appears to be cut off on the right edge. It’s probably a repeat but just to be sure.

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The stitches across the chart are adding up to 49. Sometimes the problem is the yarn over which doesn’t use up a stitch. Just bring the yarn to the front between the needles then over the right needle to the back. That’s all. (An error here would use up too many of the sts on the needle.)
The repeat in the written instructions or the chart is 10sts (worked 4 times) and the sts outside the repeat add up to 9. The only difference is row 4 where the repeat is 5sts (worked 9 times) and the sts ouside the repeat add up to 4. So the yarn over increase and ssk decrease even out and the stitch count stays at 49.

ETA: One other thought, the sts before the first asterisk in the written instructions are worked once at the beginning of the row, then the 10-stitch repeat is worked the indicated number of times and the row finishes with the sts after the second asterisk. On the chart, only the sts between the red lines are repeated.