Unglued-Unhinged Day Socks

I’ll have the photo up sometimes by April 1st, but, as I work at the local gaming store, and I knit, I was put in charge of knitting the Unglued-Unhinged Day sock. We charge 17 nickels for the April 1st tournament (Unglued and Unhinged are joke sets from Magic: the Gathering. A very old card game that will continue until the end of time, from the looks of it. :cheering: ), and the 1st place prize is a sock full of nickels.

So, as I have some scraps of pink, red, and fuzzy white yarn lying around, I am knitting what could be seen as the most horrifying sock ever. Or,a t least, the most horrifying sock ever for some of these guys. Others have little daughters, and have probably seen a lot more pink. :roflhard:

I had to design the red mana symbol knitting pattern from scratch, but it was well worth it.

But I’m so proud of this sock. It won’t have a mate, but the nerds here would never wear it, so it’s okay to be a one sock thing.

I was wondering if anyone would want the pattern I used, after I showed it of course, because I know that there are some M:tG nerds here, or, at least, some of you are parents of said nerds, married to them, or related, and it would make for a cool nerdy pattern that could be incorporated into other items.

Yay for Unglued-Unhinged Day! :cheering:

I’d love the pattern – maybe to put on a hat or something for my younger brother who’s in college and spends more time playing Magic than studying! Can’t wait to see pics

I aim on creatng patterns for all of the mana symbols, but I only had a week warning on this, and the leftover pink yarn seemed perfect for a red mana sock. So I hope to annoy all f the M:tG players in the area with ‘girly’ knitting! :roflhard:

That, and mana items would be cool rewards for the release tournaments, or so I’ve been told.


I’m sorry if the knitting pattern is small. But it’s in .gif format, so it should blow up well on any graphics program (I use GimpShop myself0. If it doesn’t, just tell me, and I’ll convert to .bmp, and that will blow up easily, even on MSPaint. :happydance: I just knit the black squares in the color of the pattern, and the white squares in the background color. Nothing fancy or anything.

And here is my currently unfinished sock, but the mana pattern is nice and complete. Sorry if it looks odd, the only camera I have is the built in one on my laptop. :oops: