Unfinishable UFO

I have been “finished” with the lion’s share of knitting on this pullover for many months, and I have “finished” the bottom edge FOUR TIMES NOW, and then removed it.:wall:

I used a pattern which called for ONE kind of yarn, but I used FIVE different colors, different fibers, and…this is the kicker…different gauge! I couldn’t help it. I wanted all those yarns in the garment.

The thing is knitted in 2 pcs from cuff to center, then seamed up ctr front and back. So I have a bottom edge which is actually the selvedge, and is very “lettuce-edgey” if you know what I mean, and I want it to pull in a bit so it will hang STRAIGHT.

And this selvedge is incredibly uneven, and is stockinette in some places and reverse stockinette in others. (Also, it was too long, so this whole process has also involved CUTTING AND MACHINE STITCHING (and there is no wool to speak of in the yarns except for a little DB cashmerino baby).

My most recent attempt to finish off has been to crochet an edging, but I can’t seem to strike the balance between having close enough stitches to cover the messy cut edge and few enough stitches to counteract the lettuce edge effect.

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips?
Sorry this is not the best photo, the sleeve is at the left and the body is sort of bunched up, hanging on the back of a chair.

Some more edges to try, if you haven’t already. Both these enclose the edges completely, hopefully hiding unwanted mess. would give a bit heavier looking finish but perhaps worth it if successful.
Knit. http://www.lusciousgracious.com/border.htm
crochet. http://hometown.aol.com/lffunt/blankbind.htm
Another option might be to do a similar type sewn on bound edge with matching or contrast fabric.

You’d have to test this first to see how it looks but maybe go up a couple of sts above the edge and pick up sts to knit from there…then the messy edge would be inside, kind of like a seam.

Kemp, I actually tried that…twice. I tried picking up stitches and then knitting them, I tried knitting up stitches, and I tried it with 2 different yarns. I just can’t get both coverage and a straight hanging fabric. Every time, I got a rippling edge, which is exactly what I don’t want. Probably a better knitter could do it.

Mrs. Davis,

I don’t know what you can do, but I love the result you got with your wild and unorthodox mix of yarns. :slight_smile: I hope something works out for you. Post pictures when you find a solution. Merigold