Uneven Knitting, HELP!

Well, I’m still new at this knitting thing. On top of spotting my mistakes, I’m also noticing that my rows are uneven. How does one knit more evenly. I’ve tried using the yarn along my fingers and in the English (or Continental) style on my right hand. Nothing feels comfortable.

How do I make my rows more even and not tighten up and loosen up along the way?

It takes practice, lots of practice to get an even tension. Most of the sts will even out when you wash or block your finished item. If it seems as though a whole row of knitting is looser or tighter than another, see this blog post on ‘rowing out’.

Thanks, suzeeq! I was worried it was just something I was doing wrong.

Oh well, practice does make perfect. Until then, I will keep knitting the best I can.