Uneven k1 on every other row when doing k1 yo k1

How do I keep them even??? (I hope I posted this correctly). Adding more info. Pattern is a scarf, k3 pm, k1 yo k2tog k2tog k2 yo, repeat several times then k3. Next row is k3, p across to last 3, k3. I think(?) When I am doing the purl row when I go back to the other side where it is yo k1 yo the k1 in the middle is bigger on the knit rows and smaller on the purl row s. Hope that makes more sense. Thanks for any help.

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The k1 between two yarn overs does have a tendency to loosen up because it doesn’t have stitches on either side to anchor it. This could cause the different size knit stitches that you see on the right and wrong side rows. It should even out however when you block the scarf. That’ll open up the eyelets made by the yarn overs.
Here’s one way to block: