Uneven fingers on fingerless gloves - Any hope for fixing?

Hello all, and welcome to my dilemma:

I learned to knit so I could knit fingerless gloves. Knucks from Knitty, to be quite specific. I took it slow, learned to knit, knit many FO’s before I finally decided to tackle the gloves, including Fetching (also from Knitty) until I finally decided I was ready.

Well, Knucks are knit from the fingers down, and I’m pretty much done with Glove #1, I just need to finish the cuff, but I keep looking back at the fingers and … they’re uneven. The index finger is longer than the others and you can tell just by looking at it. The thumb is too long, too, but that is only obvious while wearing the glove.


Can blocking help (I’ve been very lazy about blocking so I haven’t blocked anything, ever) or is my only hope to just send the gloves to the frog pond?

Any help will be greatly appreciated :pray:

What type of yarn did you use?? If you used any type of natural fiber - wool, alpaca, etc., of even wool blends, you should be able to block them and it should help a lot. You can stretch the fingers out a bit so that they’re all even and then allow to dry.

I used a Wool/Cashmere Blend … sigh

I guess I’ll have to get blocking and hope for the best!

That type of yarn should block beautifully. Don’t worry - all is not lost! :hug: