Uneven edges

I doing a blanket with the seed stich I believe, but my edges are uneven and some stiches are tight and some loose. What am I doing wrong? Pls help

tension is a tough thing – especially when you’re switching between knit and purl stitches. Practice Practice Practice is my best recommendation. Make a few different squares and make sure they actually come out square.

Guess that’s a kind of lame suggestion, hopefully someone else has some better ideas.

I don’t think it’s a lame suggestion as all. It’s a fact that tension has to learned from practice. :wink: The only other thing I would recommend is to experiment with ways of holding your yarn and needles. If you are currently knitting English, try Continnental; likewise if you are currently knitting Continnental, try English. If you are holding your needles like steak-knives, try holding your needles like pencils. It could be that you haven’t quite found a way to hold the needles and yarn that is comfortable for YOU. In the end though, it will still boil down to practive practice practice… :x:

I’m doing a shawl in a 3-stitch seed stitch and found a hint on another site. You slip the first stitch of the row over onto the right needle without either knitting or purling. Then you following your pattern across the row. The slipped stitch gets its knit or purl on the end of the next row. It seemed too simple, but it makes for a really nice, even edge.