Uneven cast on and cast off

just finished a knitted blanket for my first granddaughter and remembered the problem i had before when the start was smaller than the end of the blanket. the only way i knew to even the ends where to crotchet the end with a slip stitch across the already cast off edge which was approx 3-4 inches wider than the start. what can i do to get the same width beginning and ending with a project. ::knitting:

You can try a looser cast on, like the reverse loop cast on, which is very stretchy, but I find it harder to work with.

Otherwise, you can cast on on larger needles than you knit with, then knit the cast on with your normal needles. This gives a stretchier cast on as well.
Alternatively, you can cast on over 2 needles held together, this gives the same effect as the method above.

I know the problem just too well…

Yes a looser cast on, or using a larger needle will help.

You could also do a provisional CO, knit the blanket, BO the end, remove the provisional CO and BO the beginning.

It’s generally easier to learn to CO loosely, but this will work if you just can’t seem to CO loosely enough.:slight_smile:

I usually have the opposite problem - my BO end is never as wide as my CO end. Even when I go up a couple of needle sizes for my BO and I focus on making it loose, it’s still usually not as loose as my CO. And I don’t do anything special when casting on - other than just making sure it’s not tight.

For the tight cast off, you can try the yarn over cast off.

You knit the first stitch, knit the second stitch, lift the first stitch over the second stitch, make a yarn over, lift the other stitch over the yarn over, knit one stitch, lift the yarn over over the stitch and so on.

It’s the cast on that’s tight, not the castoff.

Whoops, realized you were replying to Wanda, not suzie1.

thanks for the tip. i have been been looking over the sight and didn’t know that i knew so little about knitting haha. i believe i saw what you are talking about and that would be an interesting way to end the beginning like you ended the end (i think) it just seems like the blanket stitches get looser as i knit just by working the stitches and that i’m not sure how to fix. thanks for the help i may try that with my next blanket.

Is it possible that you might be inadvertently adding sts so you have more than you cast on?

Huh … never heard of that one - will definitely give it a try! Thanks!

It gives a much looser bind off, but it also creates little holes, if you don’t mind about that.