Undoing knit stitches?

Hi all
I’m hoping someone can help me with a little knitting dilemma(?)While I was knitting a pattern for slippers, I accidently purled a couple of stitches I was supposed to knit.:aww: Is there anyway to undo the knit stitches so I can correct my mistake. I don’t want to mess up the slipper pattern as they are for a birthday gift. Thanks in advance for any help I can get.:knitting:

look up and click on view videos and find the video for fixing mistakes … it will be easier to view how to do it.

If it’s not too far back, you also can “unknit” or “unpurl” each stitch until you get back to the incorrect stitches. I’ve become an expert on that method.

thanks for your response. Could you tell me how to unknit or unpurl. I haven’t really been knitting all that long and there’s a ton of stuff I still need to learn. I can’t view knitting videos as my comp is so old and very slow (just like me, ha, ha), not to mention having dial-up. So if you could possibly explain the method I would really appreciate it. thanks again.

It might be on the Tips page under Fixing Mistakes but here’s how it goes. Insert the left needle into the stitch under the one on the right needle (the old stitch) and slip it off the right one, pop out the yarn and repeat.

It depends how far back you have to go before you reach those purl mistakes. Perhaps there is a book at your library which can show you and teach you how to drop a stitch from your needle and let it unravel to the point of the mistake and then use a crochet hook to pick those stitches back up. But just telling a person who has never seen that method before, I think would be too difficult. Public libraries usually have computers so perhaps you can view the how to videos there.

I am a rank beginner and am trying to undo knit stitches…I ampretty good with purls…but waste so much time trying to undo stitches …and can’t always run to the shop where I take lessons(8 miles away)

If the stitches are in the same row or a nearby row, you could tink (that’s knit spelled backwards) back to them like this: