Undoing a Standard Bind Off?

I need to undo a standard bind off. Is there a video somewhere online to show me how this is done?

All you have to do is pick out the final stitch, where you pulled your yarn through. Then pull–it’ll unravel easily.

What Ingrid said. Once you start unzipping it, you may need to have your ndl nearby to place the live sts on as you undo them.


If it is too intimidating to rip out the whole row at once you can also do it the way you tink, or unknit.

If your cast off row was a knit row, which is common… Take out that last thing you did where you pulled the tail through the last loop. Have the knit side facing you and holding a needle in your right hand 1. stick the needle through that loop that is sticking up there, from right to left. 2.Stick the left hand needle into the hole in the middle of the stitch right under the first bind off (move the needle left to right), 3. pull the right hand needle gently to the right until it comes out of the loop it has been holding, and 4. pull a little on the tail. You will now have a loop on the left hand needle and a free loop sticking up again. Go back to step 1 and repeat steps 1-4 until you have all the stitches on the left needle.

This is a slower, more controlled way to undo the bound off edge and you may like to use it sometimes.