Undoing a kfb

I am making a pattern I found on Ravelry called Devant La Cheminee. They are fancy leg warmers. I am making them from the top down. When I got to the part to make the ruffles it says to P2, Kfb, Kfb then repeat to end. I started with 60 stitches and it says it should increase 24 stitches for a total of 72. I ended up with 90. I don’t know why. But now I have to take out the row and I have never undone a Kfb. Anyone know how? And does anyone know why I ended up with 90 stitches so I don’t do it again.
Thank you

Your best bet to undo the kfb is to slide the two stitches off the right tip and gently pull out the yarn, leaving the original loop. The just slip that on the left tip.

If you start with 60 stitches and increase by 24 stitches, you’re going to end up with 84 rather than 72. :??

You’re increasing 2 stitches for every 4 worked, so 60 divided by 4 would give you 15 sets of 4 stitches, thus increasing 30 stitches (15 x 2).

So I would say you did it correctly and that the math of the directions is wrong. Since it’s a ruffle, I say leave it.

I think the problem is at the end of page 1 of the instructions. You start with 60sts cast on and on the last round of the pattern stitch you decrease 12sts to 48sts:
"Knit round 1 once more (-> 48 sts total)."
If you do that, the math works out, the increase for the ruffle adds 24sts and the round ends with 72sts.

But the last round before knit one round you have 60 stitches not 48.

After the last repeat of the 4 round pattern, you have 60sts. Then you [I]repeat round 1[/I]:
“Repeat this block of 4 rounds to desired length.
[I]Knit round 1[/I] once more (-> 48 sts total).”

Round 1 is a decrease round (the psso decrease): "round 1: p2, s1, k2, psso, repeat to end of round "
(It’s not knit one round, it’s knit round 1)