Understanding yfwd and yon

Hi, the pattern I’m knitting says on the 1st row to k1, (k2tog, yfwd, yon, yfwd) x2 , k2. I should have 9st from 7st but end up with 11st. I’m not understanding, can anyone help please?

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What is the name of your pattern and the designer or source?`

I think this works out correctly for the stitch count if you have 2 yarn forwards, the yarn over needle just telling you that the yarn has to go from front, over the needle to back before you can work the second yarn forward. The maneuver puts 2 stitches on the needle.

7 stitches
K2tog (dec of 1)
Bring yarn between the needles to the front
Take yarn over the right needle to back, (inc of 1)
Bring yarn forward between the needles again to the front
Now when you work the next stitch the yarn goes over the right needle again in preperation for the knit stitch (patterns often don’t say this but the yarn is in front and automatically goes over to back to work a knit) (inc of 1)
(This has now done 1 dec and 2 inc)
This is repeated:
K2tog (dec of 1)
Yfwd, yon, yfwd (inc of 2)
And finally k2.

If you are coming out with 11 stitches I think you might be doing an additional yarn around the needle, perhaps a confusion caused by the yon instruction.

Maybe try it out and see how it looks?

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Sounds like when do the yfwd (yarn forward), you’re making an extra stitch there. So, k1 and a
after the K2tog, just bring the yarn to the front and yarn over, then bring the yarn to the front and K2tog, yo, k2. I end up with 7 stitches.

Does that help explain it?