Understanding this pattern - need some advice

I have this pattern for an afghan and I’m not understanding why they don’t mention certain rows ??? Here is the pattern, if someone could provide some help with “Where are the odd numbered rows?”

This is how the pattern is shown:
Row 1 and remaining RS rows: Knit.
Row 2: Knit
Rows 4 and 6: P3, *k2, p3, rep from * across.
Rows 8 and 10: Knit
Rows 12 and 14: K3, *p3, k3, rep from * across.
Row 16: [B]Knit.

Rep Rows 1-16 for pat.
Work in pat until 11 reps of patt are completed. Rep [Rows 1-10] once. Bind off all sts.

I would contact the company who published the pattern. Is it on the back of a label of yarn or from a book/pamphlet? Sometimes, when you go to the company website, they have a place where they reprint patterns correctly.

just a suggestion

I actually found this pattern on the freepatterns.com website

It says it on row 1 –

Row 1 and remaining RS rows: Knit.

It means that for row 1 and all odd numbered rows you knit - they are the right side (RS).

It does mention that all RS rows, the odd numbered ones, you knit across.

Thank you all so much. I had a feeling that is what it meant but as a beginner, all I can say is “We all learn from our mistakes”