Understanding the wording

Hello, I downloaded this pattern and I cannot seem to get my head around what they are saying is a patterned row . Is it the 1st row and the return row equals 1 row? I will post it here and maybe someone could just Put it in simpler language for me ( I’m beginning remember :slight_smile: ) I appreciate any help.

What is the name of your pattern?
It may be that the pattern is formed by 4 rows. The pattern should define the pattern stitch, usually at the beginning of the pattern itself.

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Salmonmac, thank you for your reply. It is a child’s scarf with hand warming pockets.
At beginning of pattern it says,
Pattern stitch- seed stitch k1,p1 across row
Return row krte p stitch and p the k stitches

I’m thinking that both rows when knitted are counted as 0ne row ?

Also, I don’t see any instructions for a Row #3. Do you??


No I do not see any thing for row 3 and that is confusing

Usually when they say stuff like “work 2 pattern rows” they mean exactly that. Just work 2 rows (or however many they say to) of the pattern.

So you would work however many rows of the seed stitch.


Does the pattern have a name? It helps sometimes to see a photo of the scarf. Have you searched for pattern errata?
Rows 1 and 2 will count as 2 separate rows.

Thanks , I think, because. It is sayingnpattern stitch and no row 3 it was confusing me . But. I figured I will find another that does not confuse me . ( it does not take much , sometimes :blush:

Hello Vicki2. First of all after you have worked your first row of K1, P1 stitches Seed Stitch only has One Pattern Row and that is Knit the Purl stitches and Purl the Knit stitches. After a few rows you will start recognizing which stitch to start the row with. When you have finished increasing every row will start with the same stitch until you start decreasing for the other pocket.
This is my interpretation of your Seed Stitch Scarf with Hand Warming Pockets Pattern.
Seed Stitch Pattern Stitch Row: k the p stitches, p the k stitches repeat across the row.

Directions: Starting at one pocket end, cast on 11sts with main color.
Work One Row in k1, p1 across row
Row#1: Work Pattern Row without increases, (k the p stitches, p the k stitches repeat across the row).
Row#2: Increase 1 st in first st, Work Pattern Row to last st, increase 1 st.
Row#3: Work Pattern Row without increases.
Row#4: Work Pattern Row without increases.
Repeat the last 4 rows until there are 31sts for Adults (27sts for Children).
Work 2 Rows of pattern st even (without increasing) changing to color A after about 3”.
Good Luck and don’t give up.

Thank you so much, You have made this very clear , I can understand now :slight_smile: