Understanding the pattern


Boy! Do I need to do a spell check before I press send! The print is pretty small, so that’s my excuse! But really “wrip”??? Where did I learn to spell. …:confused:


Hello there!!! It’s been a while, but I’ve been knitting, knitting,
knitting!!! The sweater is almost done and with the help of my knitting
class, I mastered the lace pattern as well as the proper way to incorporate
increases/decreases and maintain the lace pattern. Sleeve 1 is done and
sleeve 2 is half done… You were a huge help with the body of the
sweater, so thanks for that… Promise to post when it’s done. My next
knitting class is in May and that’s when we’re going to use the round
needles to sew it all up, add the neck edge with the round needles and
finish it up… It was a challenge but the lace pattern on the sleeves is
quite pretty… Thanks again for your help… Happy knitting!!!


Well time has passed and I actually have the sweater 90% finished. The lace sleaves were 10 times harder than the actual sweater!!! However, once I understood how to merge increases with the pattern (after unstitching the sleave twice and a little advice from my knitting teacher Penny, I figured it out. Sleaves, front and back are done. I’ll send a pic if I can figure out how…:laughing: Just have to sew it all up and knit on the boarder. That has to wait for my next class… I’ve never sewn anything together and have no idea on how to pick up stitches from a knitted piece to create a boarder…:slight_smile: I’m sure it’s easier than it sounds… Anyway, in the meantime, I’ve started a hoodie sweater!!! It’s for my grand niece’s 16th birthday… Penny guarantees the pattern is very simple, and so far it is. . We’ll see how that goes!!! Saw your Easter Bunny rattles!!! very cute!!! Happy knitting!!!


Very well done! Your knitting is very pretty and even. Sleeve lace looks perfect.


Looks like its coming along, keep going


Thank you so much!!! Wow!!! that makes me feel great!!! Can’t wait to
get it finished and wear it!!!


I put my sweater down for a bit. I’m knitting a hoodie sweater for my niece’s 16th birthday in May… I’m working on the hood now and I’m stuck… I have 34 stitches of the top back on a stitch holder. Concept is to cast on 42 stitches, then with the front of the back panel facing me, "knit across the stitches from the holder and then add another 42 stitches… how do you cast on after i’ve added the stitches from the holder? Boggles this mi d of mine!!!


It does seem odd at first. Just switch the needles in your hands so that fthe needle with the sts (the 42 plus 34) is in your left hand and cast on the 42 new sts. You can use the same cast on as you did at the beginning of the hood or a knit or cable cast on.


Why didn’t that work last night…:thinking:. Oh well!!! Once again you come to my
rescue!!! Thanks so very much…:blush:


Well, it worked!!! Why am I not surprised…:blush: What messed me up was using
a thumb cast on for the initial cast on stitches. Couldn’t figure out how
to use them for the second cast on. I took them out, did regular cast on
stitches, knitted in the neck stitches and then used your recommendation
to add on the second set of cast on stitches. Worked great… Thumb cast
on works great for the sweater and sleeve edges, not so much for the
hood… Thanks again…:grin:


Glad you got it to work. Your sweater is going to be a wonderful gift.