Understanding the pattern

Hi, i’m new to the forum, so apologies for errors…:blush:
I am having problems understanding my sweater pattern. I thought I knew how to knit, but obviously I don’t…:confused:
I’m working to “shape the raglan” and it shows me the first two rows:
Row1: k2, so, k1, psso, knit to last 2sts, K2tog
Row2: prl to last 4 sts, P2togtbl, P2
These I understand… here’s where I get lost:
-1st and 2nd rows set raglan shaping.
Work 10 rows dec 1 st at raglan edge as before in every row AT SAME TIME dec 1 st at front edges in 3rd and every foll 4th row…


Welcome! Can you please tell us the pattern name and provide a link if possible? Even if it’s in a book or you bought the pattern a name and/or link is helpful. Don’t post the pattern in the forum because of copyright issues.

Oops! Sorry about that! It’s a King Cole pattern #3926, the v-neck pattern…

Looking for the pattern on line, but I think I may have to context them to get an"online" copy… it would be helpful because the print is VERY small for these old eyes…:slight_smile:

Here you go. There are two pics and one of them is the V-neck.


Row1: k2, sl, k1, psso, knit to last 2sts, K2tog

Row2: purl to last 4 sts, P2togtbl, P2

It seems that the beginning of row 1 and the end of row 2 are the raglan edge.
Decrease at the raglan edge on every row, so rows 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 etc. Dec at the front edge on rows 3 and then rows 7, 11, 15, 19, 23, 27 etc until the pattern tells you to stop.
I’ve interpreted the pattern so that the front edge decreases fall on odd number rows.

So, in essence row 1 and 2 are part of the “10” rows (based on my pattern
size) that I have to decrease to get to my 49 stitches. Thank you so much
for your help!

I will persevere!!! Decided to take a knitting class to help learn how to
read patterns better… maybe one day I will be able to help some else!!!

Happy knitting!

Taking a class is good and also persisting with pattern reading. The more you do the easier it gets.
I’m sure you’ll be helping others in no time.

No doubt! It really is nice to be able to share thoughts (good and bad) with others who have a bigger clue than 1 do…:slight_smile: : You know, I went back and redid the pattern as you suggested and I still don’t end up with the right number of stitches. So, I put it all in a spreadsheet (don’t laugh) and based on my size (40/42) and starting with 72 stitches, I caste off the required 8 stitches and with the standard Row 1/R2 decreases (dec 2 Row 1, dec 1 Row 2), plus the additional decrease in row 3 and every following 4th row (which is only once for my size), I end up with 47 stitches… The weird thing is, if I follow the pattern instructions to the end for the left front, I end up with the required 3 final stitches for the final cast off! The wool shop where my lessons are said I could come in any time for any help, so I think I may pop in there tomorrow with my (ha!ha!) spread sheet… I will not give up!!! I have lots more sweaters to knit!!! :rofl:

A spreadsheet is a fine idea. Anything that makes the pattern clearer and helps you work the shaping is all to the good
I’m interested in how many sts you have before the decreases and how many you should end with? It should work out.

I start with 72, then cast off 8… after the first set of “proceed as
follows” i’m supposed to end up with 49, thr next set at 14 and then at the
very end 3 to cast off…

OK, I read back in your posts. The original rows 1 and 2 set the location of the decreases and how to work them. Then start again counting the 10 rows. So in total and including rows 1 and 2 you would work 12 rows.
Dec on the raglan in every row 1-12,
Dec on the neck edge on rows 3, 7, and 11.
That gives you 15 decreases and takes you from 72 to 49sts. (72-8-15=49)

You are a gem!!! I will try that now and let you know how it goes…:laughing:

I’m sitting at my computer and your comments just made a light bulb go off… Love my light bulb moments. I’ve ripped this puppy apart 4 times because I couldn’t get the right number before I proceed to the next step. Now that I understand what you wrote, I realize my mistake… My ‘spreadsheet’ now leaves me with 49 stitches, like it’s supposed to. Let’s see if my knitting matches it!!! I’ll worry about the next “proceed as follows” once I get this right. As I said before, you are a gem. Thanks for being so patient…:slightly_smiling_face:

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We’re with you on this project. Come back if the next “proceed” gives troubles and do post a photo when you finish1

I did it!!! So I followed the same format for the right side and wrote out
the steps and now i’m almost finished the right side!!! You were so
helpful! Thanks so much!

Certainly! Working on the back panel now. Looks pretty simple compared to
the two front sides… the difficulty will be the lace pattern
sleeves…:hushed: however I will deal with that when I get there…:slight_smile: King Cole
got back to me and although they could not provide an online version of thw
pattern, they were kind enough to send a “text” document of the pattern to
help with the visual. This way I can make the font bigger so it’s easier to
read… something is better than nothing… I’ll keep you posted…:laughing:

Well, here goes nothing! Time to start the sleeves… i’ve watched every
video I can find on yarn forward, yarn round needle and yarn over
needle… time to start that “lace pattern” for the sleeves… gotta
admit i’m nervous, but in for a penny and all that… I just need to make
it through those “8 rows” once, maybe twice…:blush:, then I should be
good… i’ll let you know how it goes…:wink:

markers may help but lifelines can be a lifesaver!

That video is absolutely brilliant! How many times did I painstakingly
wrip out rows one stitch at a ti ewhen trying to figure out the raglan
sleeve on the two fronts and back! Hahaha!!! I will definitely do that
for the lace pattern… my "peject for tomorrow!!! You have been an
absolute treasure!!! Thanks, again…:blush: