Understanding the pattern

Hi, so I’m knitting a teddy bear (Introducing Mr Ted from the Art of Knitting Issue 11)

I’m stuck on a few rows, here’s what it says (56sts on my needle)

1st turning row: K9, turn, yon, k9 (got that!)
2nd turning row: k across all sts, working yon tbl with next st.

I then repeat these two rows.

Does this mean I’m increasing along the 2nd turning row and will end up with 100+ stitches? It makes my knitting very tight and awkward, but that’s fine if it’s correct. It doesn’t say to k2tog which is why I’m wondering about the increasing.

What does “with next st” mean?

Thanks in advance!

I’m reading the “working yon tbl with next stitch” as K2tog tbl. So you’ll knit the yarn over and the next stitch together through back loops.

The pattern has you add a yarn over instead of wrapping the next stitch when you work the short row. Knitting the yarn over with the stitch eliminates the hole in the fabric you would get if the yarn over wasn’t there. And the yarn over is so much easier to find than trying to find and pick up a wrap on a stitch.

Also, since it’s knitting two stitches together, there is no increase to the stitch count.

These are yo short rows so no you won’t be increasing.

You could probably use another method of doing short rows if you have one you prefer.