Understanding the first 2 rows

Hi there, I am having trouble even starting this jumper! Rico 481 essential cashmere recycled DK pattern for jumper hat and cowl.
I have started by doing a sample of 22 stitches but have become unstuck almost before I’ve begun!
I understand Row 1 - S1 k1, yfrt, s1p, ybk, rep from to last st. k1.
but get completely lost on Row 2 - S1 k tog next st and loop across st (slp and yfrtof previous row)p1 rep from to last stitch K1.
Am I supposed to end up with fewer stitches?!

The stitch number should stay the same. In row 1 there’s a loop across the the slipped stitch. On the next row, put the right needle into the slipped stitch then pick up that loop (you’ll have to peek over the needle to the back to see it) and knit the two together.

Thank you I’ll try that, has this stitch pattern a name?
Also the other thing I noticed from the picture was that the edges of both sleeves and body were slightly different from the main body of work and looked very neat, is this a different stitch, I just thought it looked really smart.

The edging may just be folded over and seamed or it may be a tubular cast on.
How does the pattern cast on and start?

The cast on is thumb method and the first row goes straight into the first row of the pattern.

Then it looks like the cast on is either sewn to a later row or knit together with a later row. Either like this without the turning row

or like this

You can also check in Finishing at the pattern end to see what they recommend.

Thank you again, does the 2 row pattern have a name?