understanding patterns

I’m making my first cardigan that has lace & cable. After the rib I’ve made 1 row ok then into 1st row of pattern where the problems start, I’ve done it 3 times & still end up with 10 stitches left over.
There are instructions in the pattern at the beginning and end of the row that read
K0{0,2,0,0,2,0}, P0{1,2,2,1,2,2}. Obviously the numbers in brackets are for the different sizes but K0 and P0 means knit & pearl nothing so why put an instruction at all or am I missing something?

First of all, what is the name of the pattern you are making? Then, can u give us the specific row instructions that are giving u the problem?? That will help us to help you.


Hi knitcindy,
Thanks for your quick response.
It’s an old pattern; (1986); Patons 8705, I working the back,1st row of the pattern, size36.


I’m just browsing the free patterns here and found one that gives the same instructions for the first row of pattern

In those size numbers like K0(0,2,2,0,2,) or whatever it is, the very first number (outside the parentheses) is for the first size. The other numbers go like this

K1st size(2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th). So you need to determine which size u will be using and circle that same number throughout the whole pattern. Like the 3rd or 4th number. The reason some of the sizes have a 0 is because it’s a place holder for that size.

Can u please type out the row that’s giving u trouble and only use the number for your size??


HI Cindy, thanks for your help, I’ve only just got back to it but your comments have helped me understand better. This is much harder than I thought it was going to be but I will persevere. I am copying & printing out the directions, I think a lot of the problem is not being able to see the small print. I think I am on track now but will ask again when I need advice.

Many thanks