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Hi there, I’m back again for advice please. I’m in the middle of knitting Little French Knits 53/ Leaves Cardigan starting the yoke section having changed back to 2.5 needles.
Row 1 of leaf pattern - K7,K3 tog, yon, K1,(M1, K1)twice, y,fwd, ym, K3tog, K13rep from*to last 16 sts
I’m getting confused from ’ yon … ym '.
When it says twice do I do what is inside the bracket twice, and I’m confused with yfwd and ym next to each other. hoping you can help me again, thank you.

I’ve made this pattern and loved the way it turned out. It’s a rather confusing way of saying, “yarn over.” The pattern wants a single yarn over here, not a double yarn over.
That also balances the stitch count, 4sts decreased balanced by 2 M1 and 2 single yarn overs.

Wow what a quick reply, thank you, unfortunately I’m still not clear what to do, I’d be very grateful if you could please take me through what I should do from the first yon !!

Row 1 of leaf pattern - K7, * K3 tog, yon, (bring the yarn to the front between the needles then over the right needle to the back)
K1,(M1, K1)twice, y,fwd, yrn, (bring the yarn to the front between the needles then over the right needle to the back)
K3tog, K13 * rep from*to last 16 sts

Essentially replace yon or yfwd, yrn with yarn over. In both cases, bring the yarn strand to the front between the needles then over the right needle to the back ready to work the next stitch. In both cases, this next stitch is a knit stitch, either K1 or K3tog.
American patterns use yarn over for all of these situations. Continental patterns are more specific about the yarn movements although in this case the different usages for the same thing are just confusing.

Thankyou so much for your help , your instructions are very clear, thank you for taking the trouble to explain this once again. I shall let you know how it turns out !

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Help, I’m back again!
The pattern is the Leaves cardigan as before but I now have a problem with the purl increases in the yoke. When its the increase stitch I’ve been placing the left hand needle into the bar part at the base of the previous stitch then purling this making that extra stitch. On the knit side I’m not sure how to knit that extra loop without making a hole and the 3tog if it involves the increase stitch is very tight. I hope I’ve explained my problem clearly and that you can help, thank you.

Here’s an easier way to work the k3tog. I’m a fairly loose knitter so this isn’t usually a problem for me but if your sts are tight on the needle, i can see where it would be.
For the increase on the purl side I use the lifted increase, either the purled right lifted increase or the purled left lifted increase.

If you’d rather do something like the Make 1 increase where you lift the bar between sts, this is an alternative.

Thank you Salmonmac, I have a lot of unravelling to do!!! I shall follow your example of the lifted increase as I can see that that may be the right one for me!
Thank you once more.

Give it a try on a swatch just to see if you like it. It also has a knit version which is very useful.

Hi there I’m back for some more advice concerning the Leaves pattern again.
The problem I have is at the end of all the rows for the yoke.
Row 1 it says to repeat the pattern until the last 16 stitches where you carry on with the pattern K3tog,yo, k1 M1 K1 yo K3tog K7 My problem is that before the last 16 stitches I haven’t finished the 13 stitches from the repeat pattern , what am I doing wrong, I end up with a messed up pattern on this side of the cardigan. I’ve counted my stitches so many times and undone it several times as it just doesn’t seem to be workng out. Help!

For row 1 of the beginning of the leaf pattern you should have 7sts, (a repeat of 22sts) and 16sts. Which size are you making and how many sts do you have before you start the row?
I made the 6-12 month size so I had 7 + 220 + 16 or 243sts. The repeat was worked 10 times.

What helps is to mark off the sts before you start the row, 7sts, sets of 22sts for the repeat and then the final 16sts. That will keep you on track and make mistakes easier to spot as you continue. Starting these motifs just like starting a mulit-stitch sweater or blanket is always the most difficult part. Once you’re past the first row or 2 it’ll all be better.

Thank you once again for your help, it makes sense to mark out the pattern, I only wish I’d thought of doing that before, it may have prevented a lot of frustration!! I too am making the 6-12 month size so I’ll follow your suggestion. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will now work out. Thank you.

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Let us know how it goes. Marking off sections and counting sts is at least a first step