Understanding pattern

Hello I wonder if anyone can help please. New to knitting. On shape neck I’ve just completed the first two rows. When it says work 59 rows dec…61 stitch. Does it mean repeat the two previous rows with knitting 2together only on the 29th and following 20th row. ?? Also what does it mean work 19 rows straight. Many thanks

I’m new to knitting too but what I get from that is you have to do 59rows. Id write out numbers 1-59 and circle the 19 and every following 20, you decrease those and end up with 61 stitches.
Straight means you don’t shape, so no increase or decrease.
I hope I’m right

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The “last 2 rows” don’t count the as part of your 59 rows, the 59 start after those 2 rows.
Yes only do the k2tog decrease on the 19th and every following 20th, so dec on 19, 39, 59. Just one stitch each time brings the stitch count from 64 to 61 if you are making the small size.

Thank you