Understanding Pattern Instructions


I am working on a cabled cape and came across instructions that tell me to work # of rows dec 1st at each end of next and foll 4th row and in other part of instructions it says to dec st at each end of next and every foll alt row.

What should I do?? Help!!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Alisha, it sounds like you need to organize your instructions in a more understandable way! This is a link to a post I did a while ago on just this situation because it is so common when making sleeves and sweaters and other things that require shaping… http://www.hookedonneedles.com/2009/08/how-to-keep-track-of-decrease-rows-in.html Read through it and see if it helps you to get a handle on your instructions!


Hi Mary Grace,

Thanks for assisting me. I will read through your blog post. I already follow you on your blog :slight_smile:

Have a wonderful evening.


You may be decreasing at different rates in different parts of the item. Just follow the instructions given in order - work X rows, dec on next then the 4th row, and in another area dec on every other row.