Understanding pattern Drops 89-17 Pullover

This pattern is confusing me. It looks like they are telling me to decrease in 2 different places. I have the body which is in one piece, and then I add the sleeves to the circ needle with markers on both sides of the sleeves, so I can only decrease at either side of the sleeve. Why does it say to decrease on each side at front and back?

Raglan shaping: Dec 1 st each side of each marker – see knitting tips above.
Dec at each side on front and back every 4 rows 3-0-0-0-0 times, every other row 9-15-15-14-13 times and then every row 0-0-0-4-8 times.
Dec at each side on the sleeve every other row 11-12-14-12-14 times and then every row 6-5-3-8-6 times.
After last dec 48-48-50-54-56 sts remain on needles. Knit 3 rows stockinette st, then bind off loosely.

You have markers on each side of the sleeves so you have 4 markers total. When the pieces are all placed on the needle, the markers are at the join of sleeves with front and sleeves with back. The pattern is telling you to make the raglan decreases at the 4 markers, so actually the pattern wants you to decrease in 4 places on either side of the marker (8 decreases per dec round).

Great looking sweater!

I am still confused. How many times total do I work a decrease row? It talks about decreases every other row for front and back 15 times, and for the sleeve every other for 14 times, and then every row 3 times. Why does it have the sleeve decreases in addition to the front and back?

The width of the sleeves has to decrease as well as the front and back.
You’re going to have to keep separate count of the decreases for the front and back and decreases for the sleeves. The decreases will be on either side of the markers, sleeve side or front & back side.
Write a list of the rows and note which ones have dec on the front & back and which have dec on the sleeves. Check them off as you knit the rounds. It’ll help keep you on track as you knit the yoke.

Ok here is the real problem how do I know which is the sleeve and which is front and back, the markers are on either side of the sleeves.

The body is in one piece, the start of the round is to the left side of the front, but it is also the sleeve, do I do one decrease on the front of the sleeve and the other on the back of the sleeve ? The wording is confusing me.

Mark the front and back with a pin, some scrap yarn or a stitch marker through a stitch. You can figure out which is sleeve and which front & back by the number of sts or by the increases or by the length.
Which size are you making?


OK, then you should have 41sts for each sleeve and 48sts for the front and 48 for the back. That makes it easier to tell which is which and mark the front & back so that you can tell where to make decreases.

I will see how this goes. Thank you.