Understanding patten

I’m wondering if anyone had ever used a book called Better Homes and Gardens Knitted sweaters for her? I have a pattern that I just can’t understand the directions and it’s driving me crazy. If you have please let me know.

Thank you

In case no one has that book, you can post the confusing part here.

Ok here it is. Shape neck: Dec row (RS) sl1 kwise, kk1, p1, k7, ssk, k1, place 22 sts onto holder. Attach a separate strand of yarn to other side and work rem sts as follows: K1, k2tog, k7, p1, k2. Working shoulders separately and at the same time, rep dec row every other row 4 times more. When front measures same as back bind of 8 sts for each shoulder. My question is is the dec row all the way to the k1, k2toh k7 p1, k2 because if that’s the case the shoulders are knitted different from each other. I’m not sure if you will be able to understand what I mean but I need to know if on one shoulder every other row I do sl1 kwise to the end of that shoulder and on the other shoulder I do k1 k2tog and so on. The row with the sl1 kwise is on the armhole side but the other shoulder when I start that row on the RS it at the neck side. I hope you understand what I’m saying.

I understand what you’re saying.

What your doing is decreasing on each side of the neck edge.

So starting on the right shoulder, you do the first set of stitches, sl1 through k1. The ssk will be decreasing at the neck edge.

Then the center 22 go on a holder.

For the left shoulder, you work the k1, k2tog rog. This will decrease at the neckline also.

So the shoulders are knitted differently from each other because the neck edge is on the left side of the right shoulder, and the right side for the left shoulder.

I hope this is clear.

I understand what you are saying also but when I get the the every other row the first time I’m not on the neck edge for the right shoulder. I’ve taken it out and I’m ready to start the first dec row so I’ll do that and see where I’m at to see if that will work from where I’m at. But the first time I the dec row on the every other row the first time I was on the shoulder side for one shoulder and the neck side for the other shoulder. Hope this makes sense

From what I see, you’ve got the back of the sweater right side facing you.

at the shoulder edge, you’re slipping a stitch (for a selvedge edge) then k1, p1 k7 ssk, k1. That ssk is at the neck edge.

Then the center stitches are put on hold and you start on the neck edge for the left side.

k1, k2tog, k7, p1, k2. This dec will also be at the neck edge.

left shoulder/dec/stitches on hold/dec/right shoulder{this is where you start}

(I wish I could draw on here but that’s what the stitches will be lined up as.)

To reiterate–you start the row on the shoulder edge, work to the neck edge where you decrease. Then on the other side of the stitches on hold, you decrease the neck edge and work to the shoulder.

I’m still a little confused but it’s the front not the back. Anyway I’ll take to a knitting class I go to at the library in my town and see if the lady that teaches knitting can understand it. I took it yesterday but the teacher never showed up. The class is every Tuesday so I’ll have a while to wait. Thanks for all you help

Front or back, it doesn’t matter. Just reverse the words ‘right shoulder’ with ‘left shoulder’ and the decreases still are at the neck. Either way, you’re starting at the shoulder edge and the decrease is at the end of the first set of directions (neck edge) and at the beginning of the second set of directions (neck edge)