Understanding my directions

I’m making a Capelet and just don’t understand what the directions mean. The text is - Change to A and knit 9 rnds, placing a marker at each end of the first and last rnds. I know that I’m just being silly, but I swear I don’t get it. I had to put a marker where the first stitch of the round is, but I won’t it be the same place for the last stitch?
thanks so much for the help!:knitting:

Perhaps they mean a marker [B]in[/B] the st that you might need to measure from later on? Read ahead in the directions. And it can be a different kind of marker. And it says in the first and last rounds, not sts, so it may mean the first of the 9 rounds and the 9th one. What’s the pattern? Any more answers would just be guessing…

that souds like they want you to place marker on the stitch itelf rather than on the needle. You can get little hook shaped markers or use small safety pins.