Understanding knitting pattern

I have just started knitting again after a few year.
I’m knitting a checker baby blanket pattern number LO227
I understand most of the pattern
Its the next part I don’t understand it says repeat rows 17-40 four more times
So I go from row 41-148
Do I knit rows 17 and 18 10 times the same with 29-30 four more times like that as I did in the beginning
Please help totally confused

You’ll work all the rows again the same way you did the first time. That’s the best I can do so I have to leave it for smarter people than me. I did find the pattern.


Thank you so much
I thought it was that just didn’t want to start and it be wrong

I get it. The first time I encountered instructions like that I had a hard time understanding it too. I’m glad what I wrote made sense.