Understanding Instructions

Hi guys!
Hope your well, I need a bit of help. Im making a baby v neck cardigan and am currently doing the back the pattern reads:

Rib 10 [13;3;7;10;10] rib2tog, (rib 11 [11;11;11;11;21] rib2tog) 3 [3;5;5;5;3] times, rib 10 [13;3;7;10;10] 57 [63;67;75;81;87] sts

I have know idea how to even go about it! I have just completed 9 rows of k1 p1 which is known on the instructions as the 1x1 rib.

Please help me! It is a gift for my boyfriends brother and wife who are expecting. The babies due in May so I have to get a shift on!

Slothy x

Hi and welcome!
All the numbers in and out of brackets refer to different sizes. So for the smallest size, the instructions become:
Rib 10, rib2tog, (rib 11, rib2tog) 3 times, rib 10
57 sts total at the end of the row
Circle the size you’re making and just pay attention to those instructions. The initial “rib 10” means to work 10sts in k1p1 rib as you have been doing, then work 2sts together. The instructions in parentheses are repeated 3 times and then you finish with more k1p1 rib.
What size are you making? Can you give us a link to the pattern?

Thank you and thank you so much for taking your time to help me :slight_smile: New to knitting but lovng it!

Its a leaflet so there is no link I’m afraid although everything is online now so it may be around somewhere. Its the SIRDAR V-neck cardigan number 1619?
okay well I’m doing the 3rd biggest size. So i’ll have another look.

I cant believe you replied thank you so much!!!

Just to double check before I dive in…

Rib 10 (10 stitches k1p1) then 2 stiches together.
Then Rib 11 then 2 stiches together
repeat 5 times
Rib 10 [13:3:7:10:10] ?! For my size the 3rd smallest thats 3 stiches or is that a typo and should be 13?
and I should end up with 67 stiches?!
Also do i repeat 10 rib and 11 rib 5 times or just 11 rib?

Thank youuu!
Also looked on the Sirdar website and this particular cardigan is not on the website :frowning:


So for the 3rd size, the one that ends with 67sts:
Rib 3, rib2tog, (rib 11, rib2tog) 5 times, rib 3.

The correct number is [I]rib 3[/I] (that’ll give you 67sts total) and you should only repeat the sequence rib 11-rib2tog 5 times. You just want to repeat the stitches in parentheses (rib11, rib2tog, rib11, rib2tog, rib, 11, rib2tog etc)

I have 67 sts!!!
Haha :slight_smile:
Thank you so very much!
Do you mind if I get stuck again if I come back to this thread?

You can add a new question to this thread or post another thread–whichever you prefer.

Delighted you got this to work. Come back with questions anyway you like, we’ll get them, although, if it’s about the same pattern, here would be helpful.

If you get stuck again, where else would you go? This place is a bit unusual inasmuch as people want to help and will even answer the same questions again and again. Lots of places don’t want you asking something that’s been asked and answered before and woe unto you if you can’t find that thread from 10 yrs. ago, someone will make sure you know. Not here. You might find a bit of discussion on what is the best way to do something or sometimes exactly what do the pattern instructions mean, but questions get answered, we can count on getting help for us, now, when we need it. I hope we get to see a photo of the finished sweater. That’s something else we like, pictures!

Hello All!

Hope everyone is fine.
I have to say its coming along nicely!
However i’ve hit another problem! I’m unsure of the following instrctions:
Still doing the back i think?

working in st-st cont until back measres 12 [15;18;23;26;31]cm ending with a ws row
What is a ws row?!

Shape Raglan
cast off 5 sts at beg of next 2 rows 47 [53;57;65;71;77] sts

work 8 [4;4] rows dec 1 st at each end of next and foll 4th[0;0] row. 43 [51;55] sts

And those last 2 bits again not the foggyest! I was on a roll :slight_smile:
I cant wait to finish it and will post some photos so yo can see.
Again a great big thank you! I would be lost otherwise.
Thank you
Slothy x

So glad that this is coming along. [U]ws[/U] is wrong side (wrong side faces in closest to the body; rs, right side faces outwards). So you want to end having completed a wrong side row (a purl row in stockinette stitch) and turn so that the right side is facing you ready to be knit.
Cast off or bind off 5sts and then work to the end of the row, turn and cast off 5 sts and then work to the end of the row. You’re shaping the armholes.
For the raglan decreases the next directions depend on the size you’re making. For the smallest size, work 8 rows, decrease one stitch at [I]each[/I] end of the next row and the 4th row after that. For the medium and large sizes, work 4 rows and decrease one stitch at each end of the next row. When a pattern has 0 in the directions for your size, just skip those directions.

Answer to your first question, ws is wrong side. Will take a closer look at your next question(s).

Whoops! :doh: I am still learning how to navigate this site. See that salmon has already answered your questions

Claireweber, more than one answer (or five or six) is always welcome!

got a pattern it says ws means wrong side