Understanding how to begin a pattern

i am working on a bolero from elann.com. It is Bolero in Highland Silk by Michelle Ciccarielo. The bolero is worked from the top-down. Fraom neck down to undrarms you need to k-f&b before and after each marker and every 4th row at the beginning and end. The markers show where the raglan forms. This is where I ge confused. The pattern states to kint the beginning in plain stockinette and begin the pattern when you have enough stitches for one repeat of the pattern. When you have enough stitches added to the sleeve or front sections begin snowflake pattern (+1 on each end of section for working increases). Here is the beginning of the pattern-k4,*ssk,yo,k1,yo,k2tog.,k3rep.,end k1. Do I need to have the k4 plus *pattern and k1 to start the pattern or do I need just from the *? I hope this makes some sense.

I think you need to have enough stitches for the K4 and K1 in addition to the repeat. Maybe someone else can weigh in, too?

Do you have a link to that pattern? I can’t find it on the site, though I remember seeing it. I’d have to have a few more rows of the pattern to figure out. Like are there edge sts in addition to the pattern sts…


Thanks Abbily, no wonder I couldn’t find it - has a totally different name than what I was looking for. Yes, you’re right, the k4 at the beginning and k1 at the end should be included. The repeating pattern is 8 sts plus those 5, though in Row 12 it’s 8 plus 2, but it works because of the increased number of sts at that point. Don’t forget, you’re doing the lace pattern between markers, not all the way across each row.

Ok, so when I start the back section has 19 stitches within it. The first stitch will be an increase stitch. This leaves 18 stitches. The last stitch will be an increase stitch also. So if I start the pattern with K4,*ssk,yo,k1,yo,k2tog.,k3 I have 5 stitches left if I am correct. What do I do with these? I think I would knit them. But what about that k1 that is at the end of the first row? Do I ignore this since I have the 5 stitches left? Or should I have centered the pattern in the back?
In a sleeve or front section, when I have enought stitches do I k4 and proceed with the pattern, or just start with the pattern?
Generally knitting is pretty straight forward. It’s my inerpretation that gets me in trouble. Thanks

I just saw the thread over on elann.com and I think benne gave you a good tip - start the lace pattern on a row before the pattern suggests so it’s centered. It would also be a good idea to use st markers (in a different color than the sleeve increase ones) to mark the beginning of the pattern repeat so you know where it should start on subsequent rows. Whenever you have enough sts to start another one, add another marker.