Understanding Gauge

I have only ever worked on things that gauge doesn’t matter … presently I’m making a shawl for my mom and just looked at a few patterns that were near the stitch gauge for the yarn I was using and cast on accordingly … so far so good …

Here is my question: The gauge on my Bohemian is 8 st 14 rows on 8mm needles for a 4x4 inch … so if I wanted a scarf say to be 8 inches, would I put on 16 st? or for one 12 inches, put on 24 st? Do I have that nearly right? :teehee:


Yep, sounds like you’re right! 8 sts per 4 inches is the same as 2 stitches per inch, so your calculations are correct. :slight_smile:

The gauge for 8 sts over 4 inches is same as 2 sts per in (8 div by 4). If you want 8" scarf, mult by 8x2=16 sts.

Gets bit more complicated when the no. of sts isn’t as easily divisable by 4. But the multiplication aspect still holds true.


[b]Ahhh ok … so then on “little yarn” … I have a Sirdar Snuggly to make a blanket from … that is 4mm needles, and 22 st to 28 rows for a 4x4, you would divide the 4 into 22 and come up with 5 st per 1 inch? so for a blanket that is 20 inches you would put on 100 st?

Am I close?

Toby (good thing I didn’t need math to be a P.I.)[/b]

4 into 22 would give you 5 1/2 st per inch. Sounds like a little, but they add up when you want something to fit. For a blanket, not as important.

You’ve got the right idea, though!