Understanding Directions

Hi!! I am new to the Knitting Community and still learning.

I am knitting a Hoodie for an infant and I am lost on some of the directions. So let me give you some background to the pattern.

I am using three different colors and I am now completing the back of the hoodie. The directions state to K8, attach second ball of yarn, bind off 22. Working both sides at the same time, work 2 rows even. Bind off.

The thing about the attach second ball of yarn and working both sides at the same time is confusing. Could someone please help me understand?

You’re working both shoulders at the same time, that’s why you need the 2nd yarn end. The 22 bound off sts form the neck. You can work one shoulder first and BO, then with an end of yarn, BO the 22 sts and knit the other shoulder.

they have you start a new ball of yarn, so you will have the OLD ball still attached to those other stitches to knit later. Basically you are binding off the back of the neck but still have the shoulders on both sides to knit. My recomendation is to turn off your brain, and just do exactly what it says even if it doesn’t make sense. I have to do this a lot with knitting. Once I simply do it and don’t hesitate, when i am done it clicks.

You are absolutely right. I always second guess myself when following the directions. Thank you for you help!!

With most patterns, if you follow them step by step, they make sense once you’re there with the yarn and needles in hand.

Just take that leap of faith and follow your pattern it will work out. I know sometimes it is really hard to turn off the brain. My thing is reading the pattern first then go for it. Sometimes it works and sometimes not…:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

Always here you can and will get very good advice for any thing you try to make. This is the best board ever.:woot: