understanding bonnet pattern instruction: help!

Hello Knitters!

I’m working on this lovely baby bonnet http://www.craftfoxes.com/how_tos/vintage-style-baby-bonnet-free-pattern

I can’t figure this instruction:

Rep Rows 7–10 until work measures 4" (4_", 5") (10 [12, 13) cm] from beg, ending with a WS row, and inc 4 (2, 0) sts evenly across last row—72 (74, 76) sts.

I cast on 68 stitches at the beginning. What does it mean to “include” four stitches on the last row?


That’s increase 4 (2, 0) stitches evenly across the row.

got it! thanks

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That’s a cute bonnet I might have a go too