Understanding Bands and Buttonholes

I’m working on a cardigan from a vintage pattern (http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/18516169) and it’s been pretty straightforward until now. Right now, I’m working on the “right front band,” and there are a couple parts of the direction that I found to be very confusing not specific. This is the first time I’ve worked on a cardigan (so it’s probably a lot easier than I think!) but I would really appreciate it someone could explain them more clearly.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for including the link. What’s confusing you? Which specific part are you having problems with?

I understood everything (and assumed I was doing it right) up to the point where it says: “* Repeat from * to * 4 times, **”; my problem with this is that repeating the 1st and 2nd rows only four times left me with about a third of a row left, so I ended up with ten buttonholes instead of seven.

Later, it said “Repeat from ** to ** once. Join in wool…” which I interpret to mean to make more buttonholes, and knit the remaining stitches as one row like I had the first time I made buttonholes.

I hope this clarifies what I’m having trouble with.

What’s the row number? The pattern is fuzzy and difficult for me to read so a row number would be a big help.

Looking at the pattern more closely, I have realized that my problems are mainly resolved. The first one was simply a matter of me miscounting the stitches. Not a big problem, but it was a bit frustrating. :gah:

Secondly, I’m just going to assume that the *'s when it says to “Repeat from ** to ** once” means to repeat what I did for the buttonholes originally (the 4th row). The pattern also says fold the band in half and sew it when I’m done, so I guess the reason for me to make two sets of buttonholes is so that the button can go through when it’s folded in the end.

I’m glad you figured it out.