Understanding a vintage pattern

My aunt has asked me to knit a cloche style hat from a rather old looking pattern from a Woman’s Own magazine or something similar. The pattern is over 8 rows. I’m stuck on the rows that have the cable instructions in them.
One row has c. 4 f, which I understand and also the c. 4 b but I I don’t get the c. 4 rt and c . 4 lt. I understand it’s a left and right twist but is the twist done as part of the cable 4 stitches or after? If after, which way is the cable, front or back?
Many thanks

Welcome to KH!
How nice of you to knit this hat for your aunt. Can you quote the entire row, the one that has the cables and the twists in it? Don’t give us the whole pattern as that can cause copyright problems but a line or two is fine.

Does the pattern have a name?

Its called Terrific Twosome. Its a pattern for a sweater and hat.

1st Row. K1, * c. 4 f, p2, repeat from *
2nd Row. K3, * p4, k2, repeat from *
3rd Row. K1, p2, * k2, c. 4 rt, repeat from *
4th Row. K1, * p4, k2, repeat from *
5th Row. K1, * p2, c. 4 b, repeat from *
6th Row. As 4th Row.
7th Row. K5, * c. 4 lt, k2, repeat from *

That includes all the cable rows, hope that helps.

It’s sometimes hard to figure out abbreviations in vintage patterns. I’m assuming the pattern doesn’t define the right and left twist? I’ve only see 2 or maybe 3 stitch twists, not 4sts.

The right twist is like moving the next sts to a cable needle and holding in back, knitting the following sts, then knitting the sts from the cable needle.

I wonder if it’s supposed to be a pattern where some of the sts of the twist are purled so that 2 of the cable sts travel in a kind of lattice on the hat? The twists seem to be near the cables although not on the cables and in different rows

Don’t know if you can see the pattern very well from this image?

Yes, well enough to see that it does look like a lattice. Try working a few rows on a swatch. Work the cables as usual and work the twists to that the sts to the front at knits and those to the back are purls. It should make the cable arms travel forming the lattice pattern. You can do both the cables and the twists with a cable needle if you like.

Thank you for your help. I’ll give it a try. It doesn’t help that it’s a dark colour so is difficult to see what’s going on