Understanding a UK pattern

I have a aran knit pattern from Red Heart UK but the instructions are not known to NZ knitters. I cant add the link here but the pattern number is LW3373EN

what does it mean with Cable 1, p3, cable 1 etc.
On the back it has some strange diagrams which say cable 1 etc but no one seems to know what the strokes mean.

I love the look of this jersey and want to knit it but I’m confused and unable to do because the instructions seem foreign.

Can anyone help me please

cheers Marianne


Welcome to the forum!
Lovely sweater. The cables are defined at the end, at the diagrams. There’s Cable 1 for example above the diagram and to the left is a key that tells you Cable 1 is a 2/2RC (2over2 right cross). At the beginning of the pattern, before the instructions for the Back there’s a list of the abbreviations that explains how to do the cables. For the 2/2RC, Slip next 2 sts to cable needle and hold in back, K2, K2 from cable needle.
Once you see the cable worked, the diagrams will make more sense. The slashes are showing you the direction and number of sts in each cable.

So work 4sts of Cable 1, p3, work 4sts of Cable 1.