Understanding a Sublime 612 hat Pattern...Help!

So I am attempting the Plum Pudding Beret in the third little Sublime book #612
The directions read…
Cast On 73 sts.
Knit 7 rows. Then comes the confusing Row…

Row 8. K9, m1, 11 times, k9 You will now have 85 sts on the needle.

What? That’s an increase of 12 sts where it only instructs you to m1, 11 times. Thus creating only 84 sts. And why doesn’t it instruct you to knit to the end of the row because if you were to K9, m1,11 times, k9 that would put 29 sts on the right needle but leave the remaining 55 sts on the left needle.

Is it assumed you will just knit these then begin on the next row which is a basic knit row in the pattern.


You probably would be repeating 11 [I]more[/I] times for a total of 85 sts. I think you’re reading it wrong too - k9, m1 k9, m1, k9, m1 etc to the end of the row, not k9 and only do the m1 11 times. You use the lifted increase too, not a kfb for the increase.

I had thought to K9, m1 the 11 times instructed then end the row with k9 but that would create far more than 85 sts when beginning with 73 sts… I really appreciated your quick response thank you!

And I read it wrong! After a reply I went back and reread the pattern I had been skimming over any comments in ( )'s thinking they were for other sizes where really only the comments in [ ] are for other sizes so I have to k9, m1, (k5, m1) 11 times, k9.

Kind of feel silly now!

Ah yes, sometimes patterns will use () or [] for the repeated sts, and sometimes the same brackets to show sts for different sizes. You just have to figure out from the context which it is.